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With the release of the first expansion for The Division 2 has come a number of new collectibles for players to find in New York City. These collectibles are split up across various types and include things like communications, echoes and more. One set of collectibles for players to discover is called the Theo Parnell Comms. This guide shows you all Theo Parnell Comms collectibles locations.

Theo Parnell Comms Collectibles Locations Map

Image showing the Theo Parnell Comms Collectibles Locations Map in The Division 2.

There are a total of 10 comms attached to Theo Parnell for players to find. These comms can be heard under the Collectibles > Comms > Theo Parnell tab. This set contains the following collectibles:

  1. Midterms (University).
  2. Recon (University).
  3. Power (Chamber Street).
  4. Message (NYCP).
  5. Specs (Pearl Street).
  6. Allegations (Supreme Court).
  7. Clearance (Worth Street).
  8. Reports (During Mission in Infirmary).
  9. Paper Trail (During Mission On way to Security Room).
  10. Protection (During Mission While Pursuing Parnell).

If you want more detail than the map above, continue reading below for a video from A Dame & Dimwit Gaming. This video shows you the exact locations of all the comms listed above.

Theo Parnell Comms Collectibles Locations Video Guide

Since Theo Parnell is the target of the Civic Center you will find all ten of his collectible comms in this location. These comms can be picked up to add to your collection. If you haven’t grabbed any comms up to this point view them as additional lore tidbits that can add to your experience of The Division 2‘s story. Keep in mind you also receive XP and E-Credits for finding these collectibles so it is well worth your time.

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