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The newest season of The Division 2 called Keener’s Legacy is upon us and with it comes new bounty hunts leading to the Prime Target called Hornet. Like the previous season you will need to complete a total of four manhunt bounties before Hornet will become available to hunt. The first target that was released at the launch of the new season was Target Termite. To learn how to complete this hunt use our Target Termite guide for The Division 2 below.

Complete Termite Investigation

Image showing the Termite Investigation list in The Division 2's Keener's Legacy seasonal event.

Termite is the first target you will need to investigate and eliminate in order to add progress to finding the Prime Target called Hornet. To complete the Termite investigation you need to complete activities split across four areas of the open world. The collection of activities you need to complete are:

  • Downtown West.
    • 2 Control Points.
    • 2 Bounties.
    • Bank Headquarters.
  • West End.
    • 3 Control Points.
    • 2 Bounties.
    • Federal Emergency Bunker.
  • Manning National Zoo.
    • Manning National Zoo.
  • Camp White Oak.
    • Camp White Oak.

To complete the following investigations you will spend your time in Washington, DC. On the Washington, DC map you will find these events marked with yellow hearts on your map. The only requirement for these investigations is to complete them on Normal or above difficulty. Do all four area investigations listed above to advance to the second portion of the Termite Manhunt.

Where to Find Termite Bounty (Emeline’s Eidolon)

Image showing where to find Termite Bounty in The Division 2 Season 2.

Once you’ve done the investigations listed above you will receive the Bounty for Termite. To activate this bounty make your way to the White House and interact with Sykes there. On the bounty map you will see a bounty called Emeline’s Eidolon. Select this bounty, head to the Downtown West area, and kill Termite.

For defeating Termite you receive 25% towards the investigation of Hornet; various loot; and 2x the experience. Not bad for a days work.

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