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Brad and Fliss thankfully recognized each other in the ballroom during Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Ritual chapter so that means they didn’t try to kill one another. This outcome unlocks the Pressure chapter. To complete this chapter, use our Pressure guide below.

Chapter Notes:

  • There is one collectible in this chapter:
    • Ghost Rumors Report.
  • Choices made in this chapter do impact the outcome of the game.

Pressure (Playing Fliss)

At the start of this chapter you will take control of Fliss. Fliss and Brad will walk down a few corridors before they reach an area where they need to climb up. Before you climb up there is a collectible to grab.

Collectible: Secret #25: Ghost Rumors Report

Image showing the location of Secret #25 Ghost Rumors Report.
Searching the corpse.

Before you climb up the hole, walk towards the camera to find a corpse with the Ghost Rumors Report beside it. After you’ve grabbed the collectible mentioned above make your way to the climbable spot and climb up it using Brad’s boost. On the upper level complete the following sequence:

  1. Look at the Broken Shovel by the door.
  2. Go into other room and look at Locked Grate.
  3. In same room as Grate look at Broken Ladder on wall.
  4. Go back to hole in floor an interact. Say Nothing to Brad to get him to go down.

Once Brad is down attempting to get the ladder head towards the other room and the area Brad is in will start to flood. Do the following to save Brad:

  1. Since you inspected the Broken Shovel select Search to have Fliss run and grab it.
  2. Smash the hinge 2x times to free Brad.

With Brad and Fliss both alive the floor they are on begins to flood. This allows them to reach a higher area. Once they reach this area the chapter ends. The Plunged chapter then starts.

This guide is part of HTR’s much larger The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan walkthrough and guide. Visit the hub page to find a variety of guides for this game including each mission and the different collectibles in them.

This concludes our Pressure guide. If you have any comments or questions feel free to drop them in comments below.



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