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At the start of the Finding Friends chapter in Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan you take control of Brad. If you’ve been following our good ending guide, Brad will be on The Duke (since he hides during the pirate boarding). This is a very important aspect for this chapter. Use the Finding Friends guide below to help Brad complete this chapter.


  • There are five collectibles in this chapter:
    • Infantry Badge.
    • Hastily Written Message.
    • Locks Memo.
    • White Framed Picture #3: Copper Bottomed.
    • Radio Operator’s Memo.
  • Choices made in this chapter do impact the outcome of the game.

Finding Friends (Playing Brad)

You take control of Brad on The Duke. Brad hid during the pirate kidnapping. Since they don’t know about Brad he enters the Abandoned Ship without much difficulty.

On the ship walk Brad along the walkway until he hears some screams. Continue forward and take a left at the T. Open the door at the end and go upstairs. Turn right and go down the hall. Enter the first room on your right.

Collectible: Secret #43: Infantry Badge

Image showing the location of Secret #43: Infantry Badge.
The Infantry Badge collectible.

Inside the room with all the soldiers go over to the corpse by itself. Interact with the corpse to view its Infantry Badge. Head back into the staircase hallway and enter the next room to get another collectible.

Collectible: Secret #21: Hastily Written Message

Image showing the location of Secret #21: Hastily Written Message.
The Hastily Written Message collectible.

In this room the Hastily Written Note collectible is lying on the desk. Simply inspect it to add it to your collection. Once you have both collectibles make your way back to the room with the soldier’s corpses and head through it into the Locker Room.

Inside the Locker Room interact with the locker on the right side 2x to get the Gas Mask. Ignore the washroom (on your left) and head into the next room.

Collectible: Secret #4: Locks Memo

Image showing the location of the Secret #4 Locks Memo.
The Locks Memo collectible.

In the next room make your way down the hall and ignore the box by the vent. Open the door (QTE – Square) to the Quartermaster’s Room. Walk all the way to the right in this room to find the Locks Memo. Return to the hallway and push the box into position so you can climb over the wall. On the other side of the wall there is a collectible.

Collectible: White Framed Picture #5: Copper Bottomed

Image showing the White Framed Picture #3 Copper Bottomed location.
The Copper Bottomed collectible.

After you climb over the wall head down the hallway and enter the first room on your right. Head all the way to the right to find the White Framed Picture #3: Copper Bottomed. Grab it then return to the hallway and continue heading down it to reach a new room. Go inside the room and head along the walkway to the left. Ignore the hanging corpse item and the corpse on the ground.

Collectible: Secret #19: Radio Operator’s Memo

Image showing the Secret #19: Radio Operator's Memo location.
The Radio Operator’s Memo collectible.

Walk along the walkway to the left and look for a glowing item on top of a box. Interact with this item to get the Radio Operator’s Memo. Grab the collectible then walk past the box with the Radio Operator’s Memo on it and you will see a break in the railings. Drop down to end the chapter. What follows is the start of the Ritual chapter.

This guide is part of HTR’s much larger The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan walkthrough and guide. Visit the hub page to find a variety of guides for this game including each mission and the different collectibles in them.

This concludes our Finding Friends guide. Let us know what you think in below.



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