TechlandGG Dying Light 2 Rewards List

Dying Light 2 features a ton of content for players to explore. This content ranges from story and missions to weapons and equipment. While you are crushing the in-game content there is rewards you can earn by completing in-game challenges. These challenges and rewards are housed on TechlandGG. To see what you can earn see the TechlandGG Dying Light 2 rewards List below.

Rewards for Dying Light 2 on TechlandGG

Image showing TechlandGG rewards.

Rewards that come from TechlandGG are earned by completing special in-game activities. These activities, when completed, earn you XP that can be used to unlock rewards at new profile levels. There are a number of items you can earn right now and Techland promises that there will be more to come. See the table below for rank and unlock details.

1The Hussar (Sword).
7Aiden’s Bracers (Gauntlets).
11Aiden’s Torso (Chest).
18Aiden’s Gloves (Gloves).
20Aiden’s Headwear (Mask).
22Aiden’s Shoes (Shoes).
24Paraglider Skin 1.
25Aiden’s Greaves (Pants).
26Paraglider Skin 2.
27Charm’s Pack.
28Paraglider Skin 3.

You will notice not every rank is a Dying Light 2 unlock. This is because there are a mixture of rewards including for Dying Light and Dying Light 2. As more rewards are added I expect the Dying Light rewards to decrease and more Dying Light 2 rewards to be added. As the list increase I will update the table accordingly.

How to Claim TechlandGG Rewards

Image showing TechlandGG profile.

In order to claim the TechlandGG Rewards listed above you need to ensure you’ve done a few thing. The most important thing is own Dying Light 2. The rest of the steps are simple:

  1. Create TechlandGG account.
  2. Link TechlandGG account to platform you play/want rewards on through the Account Summary page.
  3. Do quests from site to earn XP.
  4. Claim rewards from reward page.
  5. Collect rewards in-game from player Stash > Extras.

That’s all you need to know to collect TechlandGG Rewards. The process is fairly simple, but does require providing information to Techland. Whether you think that’s worth it or not is up to you.

Thoughts on the TechlandGG Dying Light 2 rewards list? Drop them in the comments below.


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6 responses

  1. Baelzar says:

    When are the DL2 quests coming on techlandgg?

  2. tudy says:

    This is simply f..ed, we waited 5 years to play DL2 and now all we get for cool items is quests in DL1, who the EFF would play DL1 when you have this whole nice huge game at your hand?

  3. Mateusz says:

    Only DL1 quests. Any ideas when this will be updated?

    • Jen Savage says:

      Not really sure why you titled it Dying Light 2 rewards list. The list was made months before Dying Light 2 launched.

      They will add Dying Light 2 rewards when the game gets a little older. It’s common knowledge. A good amount of people need to complete the game before they start adding additional content for the game.

      Literally says on Techlandgg Dying Light 2 events coming soon.

  4. Remi Martin says:

    Hi there’s no dl2 quests only dl1 quests when is there an update to so you cam eamr exp for unique items

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