Starfield: Visit the Apollo Landmark on Luna Guide

Image showing the Apollo Snow Globe on top of the Apollo Lunar Module on Luna.

Starfield visit the Apollo Landmark on Luna is one of the game’s many activities that players can complete. This activity tasks you with going to Luna, a moon of Earth to visit the Apollo Landing Site. To learn how to start this activity and how to complete it, see our how to visit the Apollo Landmark on Luna guide below.

Step 1: Find Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal

Image showing the location of the Sir Livingstone's Second Journal in Matteo' Khatri's room.
The journal is on the desk in Matteo’ Khatri’s room.

To visit this special location on the Earth moon Luna, players must track down a specific journal. This journal is the Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal item. To find this book you need to advance through the main storyline until you join Constellation. At this point you gain full access to The Lodge location.

In The Lodge make your way upstairs to the dorm area. Go to Matteo’ Khatri’s room. Inside of Matteo’ Khatri’s room look on the desk to find the the journal sitting there. Pick it up to automatically read it. It speaks of the Apollo Landing Site. Once you’ve read the journal that landmark appears on your map.

Step 2: Visit and Explore the Apollo Landing Site

The next step in this activity is to visit the Apollo Landing Site. If you have a good enough ship you can jump straight to it from your map. If you don’t you will need to travel from location to location until you reach the moon.

At the landing site you will see an American flag and the Apollo Lunar Module. On top of the lunar module you will find the Apollo Snow Globe collectible. Pick it up to complete this activity. This is just one of many Snow Globes players can collect in the game.

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