Starfield Trailer and Release Date Leaks Ahead of Xbox Bethesda Event

Featured image on Starfield Trailer news article.

It wouldn’t be an E3 event without major leaks and we got a big one. Thanks to the folks over a The Washington Post we got a chance to look at the Starfield trailer and release date ahead of the Xbox Bethesda Event planned for today. The information below will be spoilery in nature so proceed at your own discretion.

Starfield Trailer and Release Date Announced

The trailer released by The Washington Post is all cinematic. The trailer shows a ship on a planet and a mysterious character. This character enters the ship and goes to the cockpit. While they are prepping to launch a mech boards the ship. On the console numbers flash showing the game’s release date being 11-11-22.

Some other important aspects we’ve learned form the trailer. Starfield will be Xbox exclusive and will come to Gamepass on day 1. We also know it is being created in the Creation Engine 2 which Bethesda has been working on for years.

Starfield the highly anticipated upcoming game from Bethesda Game Studios, is generating significant buzz among gamers and space exploration enthusiasts alike. Set in an expansive and immersive science fiction universe, the game promises to transport players to the far reaches of the cosmos, where they’ll embark on epic spacefaring adventures. As the first new intellectual property from Bethesda in 25 years, Starfield holds the promise of delivering a richly detailed open-world experience, complete with stunning visuals and innovative gameplay mechanics.

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