Special Vendor Oikos of the Olympians in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey features a number of mmo type systems that are designed to encourage you to continue playing. One of these systems can be found in Oikos of the Olympians, who for lack of a better description is basically the Xur of the AC universe. So what exactly does Oikos of the Olympians sell? Glad you asked internet person. Let’s take a look at the special vendor Oikos of the Olympians.

Who is Oikos?

You will first run into Oikos the Olympian in Pilgrim’s Landing on Phokis. When you first meet Oikos he will explain that he sells rare items for a special currency, Orichalcum Ore. Orichalcum Ore can obtained by completing Daily and Weekly contracts, and by collecting Fragments scattered throughout Greece. Once you have enough Orichalcum Ore, you can return to Oikos and purchase some of his special wares.

What does Oikos Sell?

What does Oikos Sell in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The special vendor Oikos of the Olympians sells Epic to Legendary items.

Now that we know a little bit more about Oikos, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty. What does Oikos sell? Well as I mentioned above, Oikos sells rare items. These items are typically equipment and weapons of Epic to Legendary quality. Like other rare merchants in other games, Oikos offers four items which change every week. Reset day appears to be every Tuesday. Prices at the shop are as follows:

  • 40 Orichalcum Ore for Epic Quality Items.
  • 100 Orichalcum Ore for Legendary Quality Items.

Besides selling set items, Oikos sells Olympian Gift. This item is essentially a loot box of sorts which “contains one Epic to Legendary item to equip on your character or your ship, including items from the Store.” Buying an Olympian Gift only costs 20 Orichalcum Ore.

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Thoughts on our introduction to the special vendor Oikos of the Olympians? Let us hear them in The Pit below.


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12 responses

  1. Lotus Hamilton says:

    I totally know what its like to have limited $ and limited bandwidth. It IS dissapointing, the pay to win part of gaming. I know its not much consolation, but I just coffed up 15$ US, for the Hellos pack, and wish I had the money back to buy lottery tickets, or groceries! Lol IMHO, this game is the best in the series in terms of base game content and there really is nothing in the Helix store worth the bux. Hang in there, Eagle Bearer! 😉

  2. Twiztid_Psyco says:

    Is oikos of the Olympians only available online?

  3. XDarkPhoenixX says:

    The only point to this vendor is the olympian gift loot box. It gives a chance at getting items you would otherwise have to buy with helix credits. My friends got Hourglass in one (Lucky ****).

    The armour/weapon part is pointless as you can just get them by playing the game. Unless you find something that looks cool and ur gonna keep upgrading it I guess….

    But yea, Olympian Gift.

    • enricofairme says:

      I feel like they should make him more like Xur. Have him sell 4 Legendaries and the Olympian Gift. Maybe give him like an Olympian set that can only be acquired from him.

    • Kodkuna says:

      Not quite. The epic armor is useless, yeah, but every now and then (if not always) the legendary item is from the shop. Last week I got a legendary crew theme for 80 Orichalcum

  4. Uther says:

    My thoughts are that it’s stupid. Orichalcum is a mineral that is saved server side. So no getting Orichalcum when you’re playing offline. This now means Assassin’s Creed is a job. You have to farm mission after mission for a little Orichalcum over and over again to get a chance at getting Legendary equipment. You can’t cheat it, which is crap for people like me who have limited time to play the game, yet want to enjoy the spoils of Legendary equipment. I paid $110 CAD for this game, only for stuff in the game to be basically locked behind paywalls.

    This is the last time I buy an Ubisoft game.

    • enricofairme says:

      It is definitely a very mobile/mmo type addition. With that said there are a number of ways to get Legendary equipment by simply playing the game.

    • Saer says:

      Except they had this exact system in origins and it did not break the game. you can get any armor that Oikos sells just from playing the game normally. Personally i don’t see the point in buying any of his gear because it will just become useless in the future when i’m a higher level and can find said piece of armor again in the future.

    • Kodpuna says:

      You can also just not use the shop. Or farm the ore over time, the quests each take maybe 10 minutes (some can be completed while doing other quests) and it’s not like you only get 1 ore per quest.

    • Joni Christopher says:

      Omg you’re not going to buy anymore of these games because you cant get alittle loot? Wow

    • dude says:

      chill man, just loot legendary chest or kill cultist members if u want decent gear. you don’t necessary have to do the challenges and pay the orichalcum to get good gear.

    • Brewer Brain says:

      So basically, you’re pissed because you paid a lot of money for a game that you can’t rush through? I doubt the sales and marketing folks considered this demographic.

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