Silent Hill The Short Message Locker Code

Silent Hill The Short Message Locker lock.

In Chapter 2 of Silent Hill: The Short Message players will encounter the game’s only major puzzle. This puzzle tasks you with finding and using a four digit locker combination in a school. To move forward in this main storyline you must complete this puzzle. To help you complete it we’ve put together this Silent Hill The Short Message locker code guide.

What is the Silent Hill The Short Message Locker Code

To open the Silent Hill The Short Message Locker you need to input the four-digit code 0312. To learn how you arrive at this correct code you can continue reading the guide below.

How to Find the Locker Combination in Silent Hill: The Short Message

The school section in Silent Hill The Short Message.
The desk, locker, and blue number 2.

Make your way through Chapter 2 until you reach the school area for the second time (after the Library section). Back in the school area you will be in a hallway that has lockers in it. One of the lockers is locked, and you must discover the combination to unlock it. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Interact with the Desk in the middle of the hallway.
  2. Open Anita’s locker which is left of the desk (has butterfly and rainbow sticker on it).

When you interact with both the desk and Anita’s Locker, four numbers will appear in various locations in the hallway. Locate these numbers in the hallway and take note of the specific colors in which they are written. The locations and colors are:

  • 0 (Black) – Above the door you entered the hallway from.
  • 3 (Red) – On the ceiling near the door that has the 0 above it.
  • 1 (Yellow) – On wall next to water fountain
  • 2 (Blue) – Next to double green doors exit at end of hallway

After discovering the numbers, your next task is to figure out their correct order. Examine the desk in the hallway’s center. Observe the word “LIAR” written with the same four colors as the numbers. Record the sequence of colors for each letter and arrange the corresponding colored numbers accordingly. Following this process provides you with the locker code 0312.

With the code known you can open Anita’s locker. Head over and input 0312. Inputting the code gains you access to the locker interior which contains a letter from Maya to Amelie.

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