Resident Evil 3: How to Open the Police Station Safe

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After you ride the subway in Resident Evil 3 you will take over control of the character named Carlos. Carlos is exploring the Raccoon City Police Department. Inside the police station there is a number of locked cabinet including a locked safe. Like other safes in the game you need to put in a specific combination to open the safe. To help you do this use our how to open the police station safe guide below.

Where to Find the Police Station Safe?

Image showing where to find the Police Station safe.

To find the safe in the Police Station you want to make your way to the room called West Office. In the West Office there is an open space and an office to the south. Head over to the office to the south and go inside it. Here you will find the safe next to the desk.

Police Station Safe Combination

Once you’ve found the safe you probably want to open it. To open the Police Station safe you want to input the following combination: Left 9, Right 15, Left 7. This combination can be found inside an Internal Memo in the Dark Room. When this safe is opened you receive a Pouch Upgrade.

That’s all you need to know to open the safe in the Police Station in Resident Evil 3. Opening this safe is definitely worth the trouble as having extra inventory space is a major bonus. Take a second to open this safe. You won’t regret it.

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