Remnant From the Ashes Traits

Image showing some traits.

In Remnant: From the Ashes, players gain a number of useful stats through Traits. These Traits improve different aspects of your character including things like health, stamina, and more. To help you unlock all the Traits for yourself, check out our Remnant From the Ashes Traits list below. List is updating.

  • Vigor: Increases total health. This Trait is unlocked by default.
  • Endurance: Increases total stamina. This Trait is unlocked by default.
  • Spirit: Improves how quickly mods regenerate. Starting Trait of the Scrapper. Can be found in a random Monkey Key dungeon on Earth.
  • Warrior: Increases melee damage. Starting Trait of the Scrapper. Can be found in the Land’s End dungeon Earth.
  • Shadow Walker: Enemy awareness decreased. Starting Trait of the Hunter. Can be found in the Hidden Grotto dungeon on Earth.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork range increase. Join a multiplayer game.
  • Elder Knowledge: Increase xp gain. Listen to the tape recorder in Ward 13 B2.
  • Exploiter: Weak point damage increase. Kill 150 enemies with Weak Point damage.
  • Mother’s Blessing: Reduces range damage taken. Free Root Mother (happens during story).
  • Scavenger: Increase Scrap. Give Reggie the Tarnished ring or collect x amount of Scrap.
  • Cold as Ice: Backstab damage increase. During multiplayer after the Brabus cutscene in The Depot kill your friend.
  • Keeper’s Blessing: Elemental resistance increase. Enter the Labyrinth.
  • World Walker: Stamina cost decrease. Enter Rhom.
  • Recovery: Stamina regen and delay increased. Defeat Claviger on Rhom.
  • Handling: Gun spread and recoil decrease. Obtain 10 ranged weapons.
  • Glutton: Consumable use speed increase. Defeat The Unclean One on Corsus.
  • Catalyst: Proc chance increase. Defeat either The Thrall or Canker on Corsus.
  • Executioner: Crit chance bonus increase. Defeat IXILLUS on Crosus.
  • Triage: Health regen effectiveness increase. Complete the Immortal Shrine story area on Yaesha.
  • Kingslayer: Critical damage increase. Defeat the Undying King.
  • Will to Live: Wounded health increase. Get knocked down and revived 10 times in multiplayer.
  • Arcane Strike: Melee mod power increase. Defeat either Totem Father or The Ravager on Yaesha.
  • Mind’s Eye: Ranged damage bonus increase. Defeat Dreamer and Nightmare in Ward 17.
  • Bark Skin: Armor increase. Talk to the Wailing Wood on Earth while wearing the Twisted Mask.
  • Revivalist: Revive speed increase. Revive teammates in multiplayer x number of times.
  • Guardian’s Blessing: Reduce melee damage taken. Complete the battle against the Root Horror on Yaesha.
  • Quick Hands: Weapon reload speed increase. Defeat The Ent or Singe on Earth.
  • Trigger Happy: Fire rate increase. Upgrade a non-boss ranged weapon to +20.
  • Rapid Strike: Melee attack speed increase. Level any non-boss melee weapon to +20.
  • Suspicion: Reduce friendly fire damage taken. Have a teammate down you 10 times in multiplayer.
  • Sleight of Hand: Weapon swap speed increase. Get 100 kills with 10 different weapons in single campaign.

This concludes our look at the Remnant From the Ashes traits. As you can see there are a number of traits for players to unlock as they playthrough the game. Let us know in The Pit below which Traits you’ve unlocked so far.



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