Remnant From the Ashes Swamps of Corsus: How to Do the Alternate Kill on Iskal Queen

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The major boss addition in the Swamps of Corsus update for Remnant From the Ashes is the Iskal Queen. This boss fight takes place in the Iskal Sanctum/Temple and is completely optional. Like other boss fights in the game you can defeat the Iskal Queen with two methods: normal and alternate. The guide below shows you how to do the alternate kill on Iskal Queen.

What to Do to Get the Alternate Kill on Iskal Queen

Image showing how to get the alternate kill on the Iskal Queen.
Image showing how to get the Iskal Husk key item.

Roll a Corsus adventure until you get the Iskal Temple/Sanctum dungeon spawn. Once this dungeon is spawned enter it and trigger the boss fight with the Iskal Queen. During the fight complete the first phase (when she spawns adds and stays on her throne). Once the second phase is triggered wait for the Iskal Queen to fly to the ground. While you are frozen wait until you gain control of your character and shoot the queen in the head during the frozen time sequence. You can stagger the queen during this sequence and then shoot the stalactite above her. For an idea of positioning view the screenshot above.

For defeating the Iskal Queen using the alternate kill method you receive the item called Iskal Husk. Take this item to the Ward 13 Boss Vendor to receive the Seeker mod which summons a BEETLE that will rush towards enemies and explode dealing 160 CORROSIVE damage within 4 meters.

That’s all you need to know about defeating the Iskal Queen using her alternate method. Getting the queen to stand under the stalactite is a bit of a pain so keep trying until you get it (by dying and respawning). Eventually you will get it and the queen will be defeated.

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  1. hard mode says:

    bro what u mean wih ALTERNATE… l dont have any other option every time l found her she say”Only lskal may enter”or something like that,then she triggers the cutscene prior to the fight

    • That one guy says:

      Theres 2 ways to kill her and second if you did the story line and gave her the heart she will give you the Cryptolith Sigil for those random towers that pop up

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