Remnant From the Ashes Pocket Watch

In Remnant: From the Ashes there are a number of NPCs you will meet as you explore different planets. These NPCs vary from merchants to more indepth side quest givers. One character you will meet on your travels is Mud Tooth. Mud Tooth has a Pocket Watch for you if you complete one easy step.

Reach Mud Tooth’s Hideout

Image showing Mud Tooth's hideout.

Before you can reach Mud Tooth you will need to make your way to his hideout. You will find Mud Tooth’s Hideout on Earth after making your way through the Subway. Mud Tooth resides in a crashed helicopter sitting in a large tree. This helicopter is a constant in your world and is visually noticeable. There is a checkpoint marker below the hideout aptly named Mud Tooth’s Hideout.

How to Get the Pocket Watch?

Once you’ve met Mud Tooth you will come to the realization that he likes to talk. To get the Pocket Watch from him you need to listen to every story he has until you exhaust his dialogue. Once his dialogue is exhausted he will hand over the watch and you will get an achievement.

The Pocket Watch is an equippable charm which increases Stamina Regen and decreases Stamina Costs. It is a pretty good item to have for builds.

Getting the Bandit Armor Set

Image showing the Bandit Set.

Once you have the Pocket Watch there is more to the story. On Earth you will run into Barabus at The Depot. Barabus is the fellow Mud Tooth speaks of running with back in the day. If you give Barabus the Pocket Watch he will let you live and will give you the Bandit Armor set. What a nice guy.

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