Remnant From the Ashes: How to Get the Ring of the Unclean

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The Swamps of Corsus update for Remnant From the Ashes has added a number of new additions to the game including new weapons and new armor. Alongside these weapons and armor there are a number of rings and necklaces for players to collect to compliment their builds. One ring players can now get is the Ring of the Unclean. This ring is one of the more difficult rings to get as it is hidden away behind a locked door. To help you get this ring use our how to get the Ring of the Unclean guide below.

Note: To get the ring you need to roll a Corsus map that has both the Iskal Temple/Sanctum and the Swamp Graveyard (avoid the NPC here and let her sleep). Re-roll the Corsus adventure until you have both locations.

Become Infected with the Iskal Parasite

Image showing how to get the Iskal Parasite.

Once you’ve found both the Iskal Temple/Sanctum and Swamp Graveyard you will need to get infected with the Iskal Parasite. To do this find the green tinted enemy type pictured above (can be found on the overworld or in dungeons). Let this enemy grab you and don’t resist it (ie don’t mash E). After the grab is finished you will be infected by the Iskal Parasite. While infected your health drops to 50% and you regenerate health. Do not cure it and avoid sitting at checkpoints while infected.

Speak to the Iskal Queen to Get Iskal Vial

Image showing how to get the Iskal vial in Remnant From the Ashes.

After you are infected with the parasite head to the Iskal Temple/Sanctum. Approach the Iskal Queen inside and speak to her. During the conversation with the queen select the following responses:

  • Yes, we are one with Iskal.
  • I will help the Iskal.

Upon completion of the conversation you will receive the Iskal Vial. Take this key item and head to the Swamp Graveyard where the NPC merchant sleeps.

Poison the Merchant’s Soup to Get Trait and Access to House

Image showing how to poison the soup.

Go to the Swamp Graveyard and sneak your way up to the soup cauldron. Interact with the cauldron and place the Iskal Vial into it. When you do this you receive the trait Potency which increases consumable duration 1% per level up.

Image showing how to get the ring of the unclean.

Leave the area and use a checkpoint to travel to Ward 13. Travel back to Corsus and head to the Swamp Graveyard. As you approach the area you will notice the NPC is gone and the house door is open. Inside the house is a creature for you to defeat (the NPC) and a ring on the table you can loot called the Ring of the Unclean which deals 2x unarmed melee attack damage when equipped.

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