Remnant 2 Sorrow

Remnant 2 Sorrow.

Remnant 2 Sorrow is a handgun that players can acquire in the world of Yaesha. This handgun is acquired by finding a certain Ring and giving that Ring to a certain character named Meidra. To help you find the Ring and get the gun, we’ve put together this guide to get the Remnant 2 Sorrow Weapon.

Where to Get the Tear of Kaeula Ring in Remnant 2

Before you can get the Sorrow Weapon you first need to acquire a Ring called the Tear of Kaeula. The Tear of Kaeula Ring is located in the named location of Kaeula’s Rest on Yaesha.

Remnant 2 Tear of Kaeula location.
The Ring is located in this room by the statue.

To get the Ring make your way through the dungeon until you reach the very end of it. When you reach the end you will find a room with a statue of Kaeula in it. At the base of the statue is a purple item. This purple item is the Tear of Kaeula Ring.

Now before you run over and pick up the Ring, keep one thing in mind. When you pick up the the Tear of Kaeula Ring you trigger a boss fight you must complete. This boss fight is against Kaeula’s Shadow. Pick up the Ring and prepare to fight her.

Where to Get Sorrow in Remnant 2

Meidra is located in a colorful tree in the Jungle dungeons.

Once you’ve acquired the Tear of Kaeula Ring the next step is to trade it for the Sorrow Weapon. To do this you need to track down the NPC named Meidra. Meidra is located at the colorful tree in the Jungle dungeon locations like The Wither Wield and The Far Woods. When you are near Meidra, she appears on the mini-map, so be on the lookout for her.

Because of the persistent nature of the Ring you may not find Meidra in the run you found the Ring in. This is fine. You can reroll Yaesha until you found her. The Ring carries over between rerolls

After you’ve found Meidra, the next step is to speak to her. If you haven’t done Meidra’s assessment yet, she will ask you 5-questions you need to answer. Following this assessment Meidra will ask to tell you a story. Agree to listen to it. At the end of the story she will ask you about the Ring. To get the Sorrow Weapon say “No, this Ring belongs to you [Give Tear of Kaeula]” to give the Ring to her in exchange for the weapon.

Sorrow is a mini-crossbow Handgun Weapon that comes equipped with its own special Modifier. The Modifier on this weapon is Eulogy. Eulogy does the following:

  • Recall bolts which deal 32.1 damage when pulled from a target and when striking targets on return. Recalled bolts also grant 2.06% of Max Health.
  • Recalled bolts can also overfill Sorrow by up to 5+. Any additional bolts will be returned to reserves.

“The origins of Yaesha’s spirit sisters are a deep mystery. Those few who speak to mortals talk about Mother Stem and Mother Stream, but it is unknown whether these are simply concepts or actual beings. Then again, the spirits themselves are both concept and being so perhaps such a distinction is unnecessary.”

If you do give the Ring to Meidra, you will need to acquire it again for your collection. To do this simply run through the Yaesha world a second time and opt to keep the Ring instead.

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