Remnant 2 Red Doe Sigil

Remnant 2 Red Doe Sigil.

The Remnant 2 Red Doe Sigil is an Amulet player can get on the World of Yaesha by completing a special task. This special task requires tracking down a secret lock box hidden in The Widow’s Court. Once you have this lockbox you must return it to the Empress to receive your reward. For a full step-by-step guide to this process, see our how to get the Red Doe Sigil Amulet guide below.

Find the Ornate Lockbox in Remnant 2

The first step in the process is to find the Ornate Lockbox. To do this make your way to the The Widow’s Court area of Yaesha. In this area head to the middle of the level where there is the large hole that has the waterfall. Go down to the bottom of this hole.

Follow the path heading towards the exit and you will find a room with a treasure chest. Opposite the treasure chest is an illusory wall you can go through. Go through this wall to reach the an elevator that takes you to the Empress Bed Chamber. In this room you will find the Ornate Lockbox.

Return the Ornate Lockbox to the Empress Without Opening it

Once you’ve acquired the Ornate Lock Box head back to the Empress. Speak to her and you will see an option to say “I think this might belong to you [Give Lockbox].” Choose this option then follow up with “Didn’t Seem like my business” when asked if you looked inside the lock box. For being such a faithful servant the Empress rewards you with the Red Doe Sigil Amulet. It has the following item description:

“Renamed by the empress for the symbol of life on Yaesha, this artifact is from a time even older than the Pan Empire. Evidence suggest it may have been crafted by Jina’s own ancestors.”

What Does the Red Doe Sigil Do in Remnant 2

On its own, the Red Doe Sigil gives the players increased Relic Healing Effectiveness by 30% which doubles when the wearer’s Health is below 50%. While this is a very interesting and useful buff on its own, the Amulet also has a second function for players to discover. If you take the Red Doe Amulet to a certain location on Yaesha, you can unlock the Rotten Thaen Fruit Quest Item which gives you the Ghost Shell Mutator.

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