Red Dead Online Guide: How to Get the Free Navy Revolver (Lowry’s Revolver)

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In the new Moonshiner update for Red Dead Online there is a new unique revolver called the Navy Revolver. This revolver can be purchased like other guns in the game, or it can be unlocked for free by completing a crossover event with GTA Online. If you want to get the revolver for free you’ve come to the right place. Below I show you how to get the free Navy Revolver.

Note: You need to have you Rockstar Social Club Account linked to both Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V for this to work.

Face the Los Santos Slasher in GTAO

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As mentioned in the opening the way to get this weapon free of charge requires completing a specific event in Grand Theft Auto Online. This specific event is to find and defeat a serial killer running wild in Los Santos. To find each of the serial killer clues use our guide here.

Once you’ve completed this GTAO challenge you want to make your way into Red Dead Online. Here you want to login into the account tied to the same Rockstar Social Club as the one you completed the GTAO event with.

Where to Find Free Navy Revolver?

Map showing the location of the Free Navy Revolver in Red Dead Online.

With the GTA Online portion complete take your Red Dead Online character online and head to Valentine. From Valentine head along the path leading to the west and make your way to the ruined cabin which can be found to the south of the A in Valentine on your map. If you did the Serial Killer quest in singleplayer you will know the place.

Anyways at the destroyed cabin you want to enter the cellar which is open. Inside the cellar go into the next room and you will see a table with a lockbox on it. Open the lockbox to get the Lowry’s Revolver.

What is the Lowry Revolver?

Image showing the Lowry's Revolver variant of the Navy Revolver in Red Dead Online.

The Lowry Revolver is a special variant of the Navy Revolver. This revolver has strong stats and a special skin on it covered in blood. On the barrel you will see a kill count from the previous owner. All in all this is a really interesting weapon you will want in your collect.

That’s all you need to know to get the free Navy Revolver in RDO. While not a hard challenge it is a bit time consuming to complete. What do you think?

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