Red Dead Online: Bounty Hunter Role Unlocks

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In Red Dead Online there is the Bounty Hunter role which let’s players hunt wanted criminals around the frontier for rewards of cash and gold. This role features a number of role specific unlocks across its 30 Role Ranks. To see what you can unlock from this role in Red Dead Online we’ve put together a list of all the Bounty Hunter role unlocks that you can find below.


  • The Bounty Hunter role costs 15 Gold to start.
  • There are now 30 Role Ranks as of December 1st.
  • Role Rank progress can be viewed under Progress > Roles > Bounty Hunter.

Bounty Hunter Unlocks in Red Dead Online

The Bounty Hunter role started with a standard 20 Role Ranks, but received an additional 10 ranks thanks to the December 1st update in 2020. Like other roles each rank up unlocks specific bonuses. Alongside these bonuses there are different Bounty Hunter Kits you can purchase to suit the role.

Bounty Hunter Rank Unlocks

  1. 2x Rank Token.
  2. 2x Rank Token.
  3. Focus (and 2x Rank Token).
  4. Bounty Hunter Events (and 2x Rank Token).
  5. Reverse Spin (and 2x Rank Token).
  6. Tonics Satchel Upgrade (and 2x Rank Token).
  7. Eagle Eye (and 2x Rank Token).
  8. Spin Up (and 2x Rank Token).
  9. Kit Satchel Upgrade (and 2x Rank Token).
  10. 2x Rank Token.
  11. 2x Rank Token
  12. Player Bounties (and 2x Rank Token).
  13. Reverse Spin (and 2x Rank Token).
  14. Ducking (and 2x Rank Token).
  15. 2x Rank Token.
  16. Perception (and 2x Rank Token).
  17. Alternate Flips (and 2x Rank Token).
  18. 2x Rank Token.
  19. 2x Rank Token.
  20. Dual Gun Spinning (and 2x Rank Token).
  21. 2x Rank Token.
  22. Bounty Hunter Opportunities Letter (and 2x Rank Token).
  23. Player Bounty Prospects (and 2x Rank Token).
  24. Provisions Satchel Upgrade (and 2x Rank Token).
  25. 2x Rank Token.
  26. Shoulder Toss (and 2x Rank Token).
  27. 2x Rank Token.
  28. Figure Eight Toss (and 2x Rank Token).
  29. 2x Rank Token.
  30. 2x Rank Token.

Novice Kit

  • Viper Buckle – 4 Gold/1 Rank Token.
  • Schofield Revolver Variant – $600/1 Rank Token.
  • Breton: Sorrel and Red Roan Coats.
  • Delgado Saddle – $367.50.
  • The Wakeeney (Outfit) – $150.00/1 Rank Token.
  • Guerrero Gun Belt – $125.00/1 Rank Token.
  • Reinforced Lasso – $350.00.

Promising Kit

  • Tracking Arrow Pamphlet – $600.00/2 Rank Tokens.
  • Bolt Action Rifle Variant – $350.00/2 Rank Tokens.
  • Bounty Hunter Camp Theme – $700.00/1 Rank Token.
  • Blackbone Ring – 5 Gold/1 Rank Token.
  • The Bullard (Outfit) – $208.95/1 Rank Token.

Established Kit

  • Bolas – $30.00/Rank Tokens.
  • Guerro Holster – $93.75/2 Rank Tokens.
  • Bounty Wagon – $875.00/3 Rank Tokens.
  • Breton: Seal Brown & Grullo Dun Coats – $385.00/2 Rank Tokens.
  • Slicked Back Fade & The Count – 2 Gold/2 Rank Tokens.
  • The Garwood (Outfit) – $268.05/2 Rank Tokens.
  • Bullseye Gloves – 6 Gold/2 Rank Tokens.

Distinguished Kit

  • The Carthage (Outfit) – $327.00/2 Rank Tokens.
  • I’m Watching You (Emote) – $200.00/3 Rank Tokens.
  • Breton: Mealy Dapple Bay & Steel Gray Coats – $665.00/3 Rank Tokens.
  • Redhart Eyepatch – 2 Gold/2 Rank Tokens.

Veteran Kit

  • Hawkmouth, Brookstone, & Gravesend Bolas.
  • Bounty Wagon Liveries.
  • Regent Holster.
  • Upland Saddle.
  • Moray Spurs.
  • Regent Gun Belt.
  • Swanton Eyepatch.

Prestigious Kit

  • Sharp Buckle.
  • Bounty Wagon Liveries – Elaborate.
  • Spin & Aim emote.
  • LeMat Revolver Variant.
  • Tollbar Knuckles.
  • The Thorogood outfit.

This concludes our look at the Bounty Hunter role unlocks in Red Dead Online. This role is one of five roles players can take on while playing the popular wester online title from Rockstar. Each role, like the Bounty Hunter, offers players various ways to deck out their characters to look more in-line with the roles they are playing.

Thoughts on the Bounty Hunter Role Unlocks in Red Dead Online? Drop them in the comments below.



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