Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: Where to Buy Clothing Items

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In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield you start the game by selecting a base model for you player character. After you’ve done this you will walk around in a generic model. To change the look of your character you want to buy new clothing for them. To help you do this, here’s where to buy clothing items in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Where to Buy Clothing in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield?

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Clothing Stores are the shops you want to visit in the Galar region if you are wanting to get more clothing for your character. These shops can be found in many of the towns you will visit. Inside these shops you will find a number of clothing items for sale. The clothing items you can buy include the following:

  • Tops.
  • Hoodies.
  • Trousers.
  • Dresses.
  • Socks.
  • Loafers.
  • Rucksacks.
  • Hats.
  • Eyeglasses.
  • Gloves.

To purchase any of the items listed above you want to go up to the vendor in the boutique. Speak to them and you will pull up the clothing menu. From this screen you will be able to navigate between the various clothing items for sale. Keep in mind you will unlock different items as you advance the story of the game. Check boutiques often if you wish to change your player’s look.

If you wish to change clothing items you have, enter the change room in the back of the boutique. Here you will be able to change any of the currently equipped clothing items. When you start the game you have a number of items in your inventory so check them out when a boutique is available.

Where to Buy Uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield?

Image showing where to buy uniforms in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

If the clothing listed above doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is a new purchasable set of uniforms for each Gym you battle. These uniforms are themed around the underlying gym types, so you can buy the Fire-type uniform etc. To purchase uniforms access the Uniform Shop inside specific stadiums. These vendors sell the following uniforms for 18000 each:

  • Ghost Uniform.
  • Ice Uniform.
  • Bug Uniform.
  • Steel Uniform.
  • Psychic Uniform.
  • Electric Uniform.
  • Ground Uniform.
  • Flying Uniform.
  • Normal Uniform.
  • Poison Uniform.

Keep in mind during you first Gym battle in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield you are prompted to pick a uniform number. This number will appear on any of the uniforms listed above. To change into a uniform make your way to the nearest change room.

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