Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Isle of Armor Trading Thread

The first expansion for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is the Isle of Armor. This expansion adds a number of new items, clothing, stories, and Pokemon for players to experience. To help players catch ’em all as they say in the business I’ve thrown together this Isle of Armor trading thread.

Looking For Isle of Armor Pokemon Trades

Image showing the Link Trade in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

To help trainers try and get all of the Pokemon in Isle of Armor this thread will serve as a central point for those looking to make trades. To get the ball rolling post what you have and what you are looking for in a trade. Always be mindful of who you are trading with and protect yourself as much as possible while making trades. With that said hopefully you all can work together to complete your Isle of Armor Pokedex. Good luck and happy trading.

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