Pokemon Legends Arceus Poor Peckish Piplup Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Poor Peckish Piplup is Request 55. This Request is give to players by Maris. Maris is found near the Coastlands Camp. She is trying to feed a Piplup, but it won’t eat the food she offers. To complete this Request use Hold To Reset Pokemon Legends Arceus Poor Peckish Piplup guide below.

Request 55 Notes

  • Requested By: Maris (Near Coastlands Camp).
  • Description: “Maris of the Supply Corps wants to help a Piplup that’s too famished to move. She’s asked you to help her out by providing a tasty Bean Cake.”
  • Target: Bean Cake.
  • Rewards: Razz Berry x5; Hyper Potion x3.

Where to Start Poor Peckish Piplup (Request 55)

Image showing Maris and Piplup from the Poor, Peckish Piplup Request.
Maris, Piplup and the Trainer.

You can find Maris and the Piplup just southeast of the Coastlands Camp. They are on a small island together. When you approach the duo a cutscene triggers and you offer to craft some food for the Piplup. This triggers the objective of the Request to get a Bean Cake.

Craft a Bean Cake and Give it to Piplup

Image showing purchasing the Bean Cake recipe.
Where to buy Bean Cake.

To craft a Bean Cake you need to ensure you have the recipe. The recipe comes from craftworks in the Jubilife Village. Speak to Anvin and ask for Crafting Recipes. Purchase the Bean Cake recipe for 1,000 Pokedollars.

Once you’ve purchased the recipe use the workbench to to craft the Bean Cake. This recipe requires a Plump Bean and a Cake-Lure Base. The Plump Bean comes from Anvin for 200 Pokedollars and the Cake-Lure Base for 100 Pokedollars. Grab both ingredients then combined them into a Bean Cake.

Take the Bean Cake in your Satchel and head back to Maris and the Piplup. Give Maris the Bean Cake to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene the Request ends and you receive your rewards.

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