Pokemon Legends Arceus Coming Up Roses Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus Coming Up Roses is Request 51. This Request is located on the Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands. When you land on the island a man named Hiemo is on the north shore with the Request. To complete this Request easily use Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Coming Up Roses guide.

Request 51 Notes

  • Requested By: Hiemo (Ramanas Island).
  • Description: “On Ramanas Island, Hiemo asked you to bring him a Pokemon with a scythe on each arm.”
  • Target: Scyther.
  • Rewards: Seed of Mastery.

Where to Start Coming Up Roses (Request 51)

Image showing Hiemo, Request 51 giver.

Once you have the ability to surf make your way back to the Obsidian Fieldlands. Surf along the water to the south to reach a small island called Ramanas Island. Speak to Hiemo on the north shore of the island to start Request 51.

Catch a Scyther and give it to Hiemo

Image showing the Scyther habitation page.
Where to find Scyther.

Hiemo is looking for a Pokemon that has a scythe on both of its arms. This Pokemon he is talking about is Scyther. Scyther can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands named location of the Grandtree Arena. Simply head to the northeast of the arena to find a number of Scyther flying around.

Catch a Scyther then add it to your party. Head back to Hiemo. Give Hiemo his requested Pokemon. This triggers a cutscene. After the cutscene the Request is completed.

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