Pokemon GO Grass and Gratitude Special Research Event Details

Pokemon Shaymin standing on a tree stump.

The ongoing Pokémon Go Sustainability Week brings special tasks for players to enjoy. You can participate in the Pokémon GO Grass and Gratitude Special Research during this week for a chance to encounter Land Forme Shaymin. Check out our guide below to discover how to obtain this unique Pokémon.

Grass and Gratitude Special Research Tasks & Rewards

Starting April 20th players can take part in the special Grass and Gratitude Special Research Tasks. Tasks available: April 20, 10 am – April 26, 8 pm local time for Sustainability Week.. Like previous events, you must complete in-game tasks for each step. There are 6 steps in this quest-line, each with a set of tasks. After completing the final step, you’ll encounter Land Forme Shaymin. The Grass and Gratitude Special Research Tasks are as follows:

Step 1 Tasks & Rewards

Take 4 snapshots of your Pokemon3x Nanab Berry
Spin 9 PokeStops or Gyms15x Poke Ball
Walk 2 kmEncounter with Cherubi
Complete all tasks1000 XP, 500x Stardust, Mysterious Component

Step 2 Tasks & Rewards

Take 4 snapshots of wild Grass-type Pokemon3x Razz Berry
Take 9 snapshots of wild PokemonEncounter with Jumpluff
Take 2 snapshots of wild Flying-type Pokemon6x Super Potion
Complete all tasks1500 XP, 1000x Stardust, 1 Rocket Radar

Step 3 Tasks & Rewards

Power up Pokemon 22 times1x Star Piece
Complete all tasks2500 XP, 1500x Stardust, 1 Premium Battle Pass

Step 4 Tasks & Rewards

Catch 4 Grass-tyle PokemonEncounter with Leafeon
Catch 9 Pokemon15x Great Ball
Catch 2 Flying-type Pokemon6x Hyper Potion
Complete all tasks3000 XP, 2000x Stardust, 2x Golden Razz Berry

Step 5 Tasks & Rewards

Complete 4 Field Research tasks3x Pinap Berry
Earn 9 hearts with your buddy15x Ultra Ball
Hatch 2 Eggs6x Max Potion
Complete all tasks5000 XP, 2500x Stardust, 2x Silver Pinap Berry

Step 6 Tasks & Rewards

Catch 22 different species of Pokemon1x Lucky Egg
Complete all tasks5000 XP, 2500 Stardust, encounter with Shaymin

Upon completion of Step 6 you will have completed the Grass and Gratitude Special Research Tasks. Yout rewards will be: 22x Shaymin Sticker, 2022 XP, 2022x Stardust, 25x Shaymin Candy, 1x Incense, and 22x Ultra Ball.

Overall this collection of tasks is not super hard to complete, but is a bit time consuming. Try and focus as much effort on getting each task done that is available while you are playing the game. This should give you enough time to complete all 6 steps and encounter Shaymin.

Thoughts on the Pokemon GO Grass and Gratitude research tasks and rewards? Let me hear them in the comments below.



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