PlayStation Plus October 2022 Games Announced

The PlayStation Plus October 2022 games have been official announced. Members of the monthly subscription service will gain access to three free games this month. These three games cover a wide range of genres from racing to fighting. The full list of the October 2022 PlayStation Plus games is located below.

October 2022 PS+ Games

Image showing the PlayStation Plus October 2022 games.
Image via PlayStation.

News of the new lineup of PlayStation Plus games came on the official PlayStation blog. The blog post highlights the three games players can snag starting on Tuesday October 4. The three games available are:

  1. Hot Wheels Unleashed – [PS5, PS4].
  2. Injustice 2 – [PS4].
  3. Superhot – [PS4].

The three games listed above cover a wide range of gaming genres. Hot Wheels Unleashed scratches the racing itch. Injustice 2 gives fans of the fight genre the chance to pit DC superheroes against each other. Superhot brings a nice puzzle FPS to fans that may want something a little different.

All of three of the above listed games are available for PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium members. Theses games are available for download until October 30th.

Normally, PlayStation announces the games for the Extra and Premium tiers around the time they announce the PlayStation Plus game catalogue. This month, however, is different. The Extra and Premium tier games will be announced at a later date (I will update this when it does).

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Thoughts on the PlayStation Plus October 2022 games? Going to play any of them? Let me know in the comments below.


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