Pete Hines Announces Retirement from Bethesda

Pete Hines giving a presentation.

In a surprising turn of events, Pete Hines, the veteran head of Publishing at Bethesda, has made a public announcement about his retirement from the company. Over the course of an impressive 24-year career, Pete invested a significant portion of his life at Bethesda, overseeing the launches of iconic titles like Skyrim and, most recently, Starfield.

Pete took to X to announce his retirement and the beginning of a new chapter in his life. In his tweet, he looked back at his impressive career, especially the successful launch of Starfield. He felt it was the right time for this change. He made it clear that this wasn’t a farewell, emphasizing that he would remain an active part of the community. Pete conveyed his excitement about sharing the next part of the adventure with fans.

Further details of Pete’s retirement were also shared via the Bethesda X account. The company posted a message expressing their gratitude for Pete’s dedicated service throughout his lengthy career with the company and extended their best wishes for his future endeavors. The complete message reads as follows:

Bethesda tweeted a warm “doctor’s note” for Pete, giving him a break to enjoy time with loved ones and hobbies, appreciating his service.

We’re not sure if Pete’s leaving gaming for good or just taking a break. He might return with another developer or start his own studio. The future is full of possibilities.

Regardless of his decision, we at Hold To Reset wish Pete the very best in his future endeavors

What are your thoughts on Pete Hines announcing his retirement? Let me hear them in the comments below.



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