Pet Simulator X Evolve Machine

Pet Simulator X Evolve Machine.

In the Cinco De Mayo update for Pet Simulator X there was a new machine added to the game. This new machine is the Evolve Machine and as the name suggests, it allows players to evolve certain pets into better versions. To learn everything you need to know about the new machine see our Pet Simulator X Evolve Machine guide below.

Where is the Evolve Machine

The Evolve Machine is a new machine players can use to make new Huge Pets. This new machine can be located in two areas of the game: Spawn next to the Huge-A-Tron or in the Trading Plaza next to the Huge-A-Tron machine there.

How to Use the Evolve Machine

The Evolve Machine works like other machines in the game. There is a white circle you need to stand in at the machine to bring up its menu. Once you’ve brought up the menu you will be shown available pets you can put into the machine. In the case of the Evolve Machine the pets you can put into it for now are Huge Hell Rock, Cupcake, Hacked Cat, Pixel Cat, Pterodactyl, Peacock, and King Cobra.

To make the machine work you need to place a total of 5 Huge Pets from the list above inside of it. This enables you to make an evolve version of the pet. The pet you receive is based on the percentage of the pets you put in. That means the Huge Pet you put the most into the machine is the evolved version you get. The types you can get are:

  • Huge Evolved Hell Rock
  • Huge Evolved Cupcake
  • Huge Evolved Hacked Cat
  • Huge Evolved Pixel Cat
  • Huge Evolved Pterodactyl
  • Huge Evolved Peacock
  • Huge Evolved King Cobra

If you don’t have 5 Huge Pets to place into the Evolve Machine cannot use it. This means you will need to have a fairly sizable set collection to use the machine yourself.

What is the Evolve Enchant

You may be wondering why you should put your Huge Pets into the Evolve Machine. There are two answers to this question. The first is that it will have price impact on Huge Pets. Putting Huge Pets into the machine destroys them, lowering the supply and increasing prices. You benefit from getting a rarer Huge and the economy benefits as a whole.

The second answer to this question is to get the special Evolve Enchant. This new enchant can only appear on evolved pets. The Evolve Enchantment makes the pet significantly stronger than your best pet. Making it more powerful and more valuable to sell.

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