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In order to fix you Airship, you need to collect a number of materials. These material can be scavenged by defeating a Paolumu in the Coral Highlands. To make this hunt easier, use the Paolumu guide below.

Paolumu Information

Difficulty: Expert (4⭐)

Location: Coral Highlands

Size: Large

Species: Flying Wyvern

Weak To:  Fire (3⭐) , Thunder (2⭐)

Weak Points (Severable/Breakable): Head (weak point), Air Sac (weak point), Wings, Tail

Material (Carves + Low Rank Rewards): 

Material (Carves + High Rank Rewards): 

Scale+ 5⭐
Pelt+ 4⭐
Wing 4⭐
Carapace+ 3⭐
Wyvern Gem ⭐
Scale+ 4⭐
Pelt+ 4⭐
Carapace+ 3⭐
M Keenbone 3⭐
Nourishing Extract 3⭐
Wing 2⭐
Wyvern Gem ⭐

Reward Money: 4320 z

Storyline Quest: Ballooning Problems

Hunting Quest Text: “…I’m sorry, I just retched thinking about that monster’s face. Seriously, you’ll be doing it a favor… and us too. Hunt it and the Airship Engineer will have everything he needs.”

Characteristics: Paolumu feast on the eggs found in the Coral Highlands. They are able to float through the air using unique sacs in their bodies, and attack with their extremely hard tails.

Useful Information: Paolumu can’t move around as freely when its air sacs are deflated. Aim for its inflated body parts, or purposefully draw out its attacks that use up stored air, to gain the upper hand.

Paolumu Fight Guide

Core Fight Mechanic: Roar + Inflated/Deflated Form

Roar: Large monsters have the ability to roar. This ability disrupts whatever action the hunter was doing (stun locks you briefly). There’s not much you can do about it in the early game (you’ll get better armor perks later).

Inflated: Paolumu fills its air sacs with air and becomes more bouyant. This allows it to fly around the arena and introduces a number of new moves to the fight. When inflated, you want to attack the air sacs to return it to deflated form.

Deflated: In this form, Paolumu remains on the ground and can only take flight for short periods of time. This is the easier of the two forms as you don’t have to deal with ranged attack and air expulsion.


Depending on which for Paolumu is in will determine how it attacks. For the most part, it maintains the same moveset, but uses the moves in flight when Inflated. Let’s take a closer look at its attacks below.

 Inflated Attacks

  • Ground Smash – While flying, can smash the ground beneath it.
  • Air Blast – Ranged attack where it shoots a blast of air at the hunter. Will momentarily stun and can knock you over while also dealing damage.
  • Tail Whip – Can use a tailwhip move while in flight.
  • Divebomb – Can divebomb you while in flight
  • Flip – In flight will sumersault towards you.

Deflated Attacks

  • Tailwhip – Spins a complete 180, smashing the hunter with its tail or head.
  • Ground Smash – Flies into the air and then successively smashes the ground.
  • Charge – Can charge at the hunter to close the gap between them.

Fight Tips

Paolumo can be a fairly tough fight as its Inflated form is both nimble and can deal good amount of damage. To help you deal with this fight, here are a few tips.

  • Eat up – Head into the fight having eaten a meal from the Canteen (do this for every fight to make life easier).
  • Air Sac Control -Your best approach to this fight is to attempt to control the Air Sac flow. What I mean by this is to focus on hitting the Air Sac whenever it is inflated. Damaging the Air Sac can really help you in this fight, as the Deflated form is much easier to face.
  • Mount When Possible – If mounted in Inflated form, Paolumo immediately deflates. This is super helpful and can be used to your advantage. Manage the Air Sacs and you manage this fight.
  • Exploit Elemental Weakness -As noted above, Paolumu is especially weak to thunder and fire elemental damage.
  • Flash Pods/Flash Bombs – Bring Flash Pods and Flash Bombs to get flying wyverns out of the air.
  • SOS – If you need to, send out an SOS and get some extra help from the MHW community.

Note: share your tips in the comments and I will add them here.

Lumu Set (Rarity 3)

Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Paolumu Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Hat – 2x Scale, 2x Webbing, 2x Shell, 1x Lightcrystal*
  • Mail – 2x Scale, 2x Shell, 2x Pelt, 1x Coral Bone*
  • Vambraces – 2x Pelt, 1x Scale, 1x Webbing
  • Coil – 2x Pelt, 1x Scale, 1x Shell
  • Greaves – 2x Scale, 2x Pelt, 1x Webbing, 1x Coral Bone*

Palico: All Materials are Paolumu Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Pawpads – 1x Shell
  • Hat – 1x  Scale
  • Cape  – 1x Pelt

Lumu α +  β Sets (Rarity 5)

α +  β Armor Requirements:

Human: All Materials are Paolumu Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Hat – 4x Scale+, 2x Wing, 2x Pelt+, 2x Lightcrystal*
  • Mail – 2x Scale+, 3x Carapace+, 2x Pelt+, 1x Monster Keenbone
  • Vambraces – 4x Pelt+, 2x Scale+, 2x Wing, 5x Quality Bone*
  • Coil – 4x Pelt+, 2x Scale+, 3x Carapace+, 5x Coral Bone*
  • Greaves – 4x Scale+, 2x Pelt+, 4x Wing 1x Wyvern Gem
Image of Lumu α Set Palico

The Lumu α Set on my Palico

Palico: All Materials are Paolumu Carves/Drops unless noted.

  • Pawpads – 1x Carapace+
  • Hat – 1x Scale+
  • Cape – 1x Pelt+

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This concludes our Paolumu Guide guide. Wish to add something? Drop a comment in The Pit below.


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