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As you progress through Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will encounter a number of NPCs that you can speak to. Some of these NPCs say little to nothing while others have requests to ask of you. One NPC you will encounter is a Moki in the room above where you fought the Horned Beetle boss. This Moki gives you a map to deliver to someone with feathers. Receiving this map starts the Hand to Hand side quest. Continue reading below for our Hand to Hand guide.

Note: This is a rather long trading quest line that takes roughly the entire game to complete. Keep that in mind.

Where to Start the Hand to Hand Side Quest?

Image showing where to start the Hand to Hand side quest in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

To start this side quest you need to have met with Kwolok in Kwolok’s Hollow. This occurs as part of the story and is neccessary to accesst the area called The Wellspring. Once you’ve spoken to Kwolok, head to the room you fought the Horned Beetle. When you enter the room the Moki will open the previously shut door for you. Use your Bash and Dash abilities to reach this room and speak to the Moki there to start the Hand to Hand side quest.

Who to Deliver the Treasure Map to?

Image showing where to deliver the treasure map in Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Once you have the map you may be wondering who to deliver it to. Well we have a few hints. First we know the NPC is located in The Wellspring Glades area. Second we know the NPC we need to deliver the map to has feathers and is considered a wanderer. With this information you can check the map above for where I’ve marked the NPC to deliver the map to. If you don’t want to view the map know we need to deliver the map to Tokk in the Wellspring Glades (accessible above where you got the map). Once you deliver the map you will receive the Wanderer’s Pouch which needs to be delivered to a small adventurer.

Who to Deliver the Wanderer’s Pouch to?

Image showing where to deliver the Wanderer's Bag.

The Wanderer’s Bag can be delivered to a Moki inside the Mill in The Wellspring area of the map. This Moki can be found inside the door highlighted on the map above. When you give the bag to this Moki it gives you a Herb Pouch in exchange. We need to find someone that needs a Herb Pouch with herbs inside it. We need to find someone to give this pouch to.

Who to Deliver the Herb Pouch to?

Image showing the location of Veral who you deliver the Herb Pouch to.

The Herb Pouch can be delivered to an NPC named Veral located in the northeast corner of Wellspring Glades. This NPC runs the soup shop on the edge of Wellspring Glades and Baur’s Reach. To reach Veral you need to have the Hookshot and double jump abilities. When you give the Herb Pouch to Veral you receive a bowl of Spicy Marshclam Soup you can give to warm up a chilly Moki.

Who to Give the Spicy Marshclam Soup?

Image showing who to give the Spicy Marshclam Soup to.

You can give the Spicy Marshclam Soup to a Moki in the Baur’s Reach area. This Moki is accessible after you’ve gotten the Light Burst ability and you use it to light the candle that opens the air flow upwards. Ride the air up and you will see this Moki by a fire. Give him the soup to get the Fashionable Hat.

Who to Give the Fashionable Hat to?

Image showing who to give the Fashionable Hat to.

Once you have the Fashionable Hat head to the Wellspring Glades and go to the west. Continue past the NPC merchant and talk to the Moki in the shade beside him. This Moki wants the hat, so give it to him. In return for the hat the Moki will give you Grom’s Lantern.

Who to Give Grom’s Lantern?

Image showing who to give Grom's Lantern.

Take Grom’s Lantern and head to the area called Moulwood Depths. Head to the southwest part of this area to find a Moki there. The Moki is looking to catch fireflies but has nothing to put them in. The Empty Lantern is perfect for the job. In exchange for the lantern he will give you some Silk String.

Who to Give the Silk String?

Image showing Who to Give the Silk String.

Once you have the Silk String take it to the Luma Pools and look for a Moki fishing above the first warp portal. Speak to this Moki and give them the string. For the string the Moki will give you an old spyglass.

Who to Give the Old Spyglass?

Image showing who to give the Old Spyglass to.

Take the Old Spyglass and head to the Wellspring Glades. Go to the stats keeper known as Motay in his bush and speak with him. Motay wants the spyglass so he can… spy on you from a distance. In return he gives you the Canteen filled with delicious water.

Who to Give the Canteen?

Image showing Who to Give the Canteen.

Travel to the Windswept Wastes and speak to the Gorlek Miner there. He is thirsty so give him the Canteen full of water. When you give this to the Gorlek Miner he gives you the Stone Tablet.

Who to Show the Stone Tablet?

Image showing Who to Show the Stone Tablet.

Once you have the Stone Tablet take it to Lupo’s house in the Wellspring Glades. Show the Stone Tablet to Lupo to trigger a rumor that will highlight the Windtorn Ruins in Windswept Wastes.

Placing the Stone Tablet in Windtorn Ruins

Image showing where to place the Stone Tablet.

To complete the final potion of the Hand to Hand quest you need to complete the Windtorn Ruins sequence leading up the the game’s final quest The Will of the Wisps: Return Seir to the Spirit Willow. Once you are at this point you can explore the Windtorn Ruins to your heart’s content. In the bottom west corner of the ruins you will find the map. Place the Stone Tablet here to activate the map. Doing this highlights all secrets on your map. This ends the side quest.

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