NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory Season Prizes

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Happy new year to everyone out there. The new year brings a new season to NBA 2K22. This new season is called Season 4 Hunt 4 Glory. The season is slated to run for 42 days and players can compete to earn XP to level their Season Level to unlock prizes. The complete NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory season prizes list can be found below.

What’s Prizes are in Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory in NBA 2K22?

While you are in the MyCAREER Mode in NBA 2K22 you can open up the start menu. On the start menu you will find a new tab called Seasons. Select Season Prizes to see what season pass items are available to unlock. This fourth season last 42 days. A new season will begin when it expires. The prizes are found in the table below.

1Hunt 4 Glory Tee.
2Hunt 4 Glory basketball.
3New Player Indicator.
4New Player Banners.
5Victor Solomon Kintsugi Ball.
6New Jumpshot Release Animation.
7New Season Emotes.
8Free Agent Dwyane Wade MyTEAM card.
92XP Coin “30 Minutes.”
10New Player Indicator.
11Gatorade Boosts (5 Games).
12New Season Emotes.
132x New Banner Options.
14New 2K Breathrough Gear.
15Hunt 4 Glory Scarf.
16New Season Emotes.
17Hunt 4 Glory Beanie.
18MyTEAM New Year’s Resolution Deluxe Pack.
192x New Banner Options.
20New Season Emotes.
21Stylish Flannel.
22Skill Boosts (10 Games).
23New 2K Breakthrough Gear.
242x New Player Banners.
25New Season Emotes.
26Extra Daily Rewards.
27MyTEAM Diamond Shoe Colorway.
282XP Coin “1 Hour.”
29Hunt 4 Glory Varsity Jacket.
30Artcamo Go-Kart.
31New 2K Breakthrough Gear.
322XP Coin “2 Hours.”
33Gatorade Boosts (10 Games).
342x New Banner Options.
35Hunt 4 Glory Joggers.
3610 Pack Maxed Out MyTEAM Box.
37Hunt 4 Glory Suit.
382XP Coin “2 Hours.”
39Extra Badge Point.
40Year of the Tiger.

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