NBA 2K19 MyPLAYER Training Guide

Gatorade Training Facility NBA 2K19
You can train your MyPLAYER at the Gatorade Training Facility.

When you start your MyCAREER in NBA 2K19, your MyPLAYER is basically at the rating level of Cherokee Parks. As you playthrough the MyCAREER, the goal is take your mediocre baller and level them to level 99 overall. In order to level up, you are gonna need to train. To help you get the most out of training, check out our NBA 2K19 MyPLAYER Training Guide.

Gatorade Training Facility (Ability Cap + Turbo)

Gatorade Training Facility NBA 2K19

You can train your MyPLAYER at the Gatorade Training Facility.

To the right of the Jordan Rec Center is the Gatorade Training Facility. Inside this building you can train your MyPLAYER using a number of different exercises. The exercises you can complete are:

  • Leg Press
  • Clean Weight
  • Squats
  • Ladders
  • Agility Hurdles
  • Battle Ropes
  • Bench Press
  • Box Jump
  • Sprint
  • Treadmill
  • Dumbbell
  • Medicine Ball
  • Gatorade Reaction

Completing these exercises nets you a couple of interesting things. The first is that exercises fill your turbo (R) up to 100%. The second is that you can use the exercises in the G Training Facility to increase your stat caps. This is necessary in order to increase your MyPLAYER to level 99. So far I’ve found Hurdles and Gatorade Reaction to be the most beneficial in terms of time spent.

Gatorade Fuel Station NBA 2K19

You can purchase Gatorade products using VC to get a slight Turbo boost.

If you are not interested in working out, you can head to the the Gatorade Fuel Bar where you can use VC to buy consumables that give you increased Turbo.

Team Practice Facility (Badges)

When you are training your MyPLAYER you probably want to unlock badges on that character. Badges are passive abilities that give you an edge over just general skills. Having badges on your MyPLAYER is important as it can give you that edge needed to beat out other similarly levelled characters. Levelling badges can be done in game, but also by attending the Team Practice facility. Here you can choose which badge you wish to work on and run drills catered towards improving that skill. Drills are limited to 4 per day.

Each drill has a different tier of completion (out of 3 stars). The more stars you get the more badge points you earn. Aim to complete each drill with 3 stars as that is the most points you can earn (700).

VC, VC, and More VC

Buying VC in NBA 2K19

If you want to avoid training altogether, your best approach is to buy VC. This will save you time in the long run.

Like previous games in the NBA 2K series, NBA 2K19 uses VC to level up your MyPLAYER attributes. It is through spending copious amounts of VC that you will end up reaching that coveted 99 rank. In NBA 2K19 there are a couple of ways to collect VC:

  1. Buy it: VC like everything else in life, can be purchased directly through 2K.
  2. Earn it: If buying VC doesn’t feel quite right, you can earn it. This can be done by playing in NBA games, playing on your MyCOURT, playing in the Pro AM league, playing pick up games in the neighborhood, and many other activities.

Get out there and start collecting VC so you can become the next Nate Archibald.

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6 responses

  1. Dragul17 says:

    Where is the neighborhood? I’m playing on PC and there’s nothing no practice facility not even a way to up my stats other than a base 700 points I earn for playing a game poorly or well. is it within the MyPlayer mode because there’s absolutely nothing I make my guy then I have to choose a team and that’s it no storyline nothing they only mention you in the Social media when you score the most points in the game is this really all MyPlayer for PC is?

  2. Christopher Mitchell says:

    I know ima sound stupid, but can anyone help me on how to get to the training facility? I’m 12 and my dad got me a new XBox, but I’ve never played 2k19 until now. I’m in my career mode and don’t know how to train

    • DocRivers says:

      When you go to the “Neighborhood” you can walk around the town and see different places. There’s the Agent’s office, a bunch of courts to play other pick-up games on, stores to buy clothes, etc. The Gatorade facility is on your left when you first start. Just run around and you’ll find it.

  3. Dannal says:

    2k never gives it back. Mmmm the VC monster.

  4. Sergejs says:

    Am missing my training drills 2 times,and pick roll not work properly,i pay 84 pounds for nothing,how i can get money back?

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