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In Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut there is a new questline players can complete for Ava. This questline tasks you with solving four mysteries across various locations. These mysteries are part of a bigger storyline that comes to a rather interesting end. When you do manage to complete this storyline you will unlock a special item called the Mysterious Artifact. Learn more about this item and what it does below.

How to Get the Mysterious Artifact

As mentioned above this item is part of the special Murder Mystery questline you can complete for Ava. This questline features four missions you need to complete. Upon completion of the final mission you and Ava will visit a set of ruins. In this set of ruins there is a special boss that you fight. After defeating this boss you will gain the objective to approach a chest. Inside this chest is the Mysterious Artifact. Once you pick it up it is added to your inventory.

What Does the Mysterious Artifact Do

Once you have the Mysterious Artifcat you may be wondering what to do with it. This item is a special Artifact you can equip to make Eridium farming easier. The Mysterious Artifact slots into your build like any other artifact does. When it is equipped you benefit from two special bonuses:

  • 5% chance of finding invisible Eridium deposits while out in the world.
  • 100% additional Eridium from sources.

Given the fact the raid boss requires 500 Eridium each attempt, this item is rather useful to acquire and use. Completing the side missions is fairly quick and the reward is well worth the effort. This farming Artifact is going to be very useful for long term playing.

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