Mothlight Guide

Mothlight is a free to play, indie rpg by Samu on Steam that was released today. In Mothlight, you play as a cat who has been banished to The Black Sea where you are expected to rot away. Rotting away doesn’t really fit our plans, so we set out in an attempt to escape back to the surface. To help you reach the surface, I’ve put together this handy Mothlight guide below.

Main Guide


Lower World:

1. The Black Sea

2. The Dreg Mines

3. The Porcelain Shrine

4. Jacob’s Ladder

5. The Moth Garden

6. To The Surface?


Middle World

1. Porcelain Castle

2. The Labyrinth

3. Neethan

4. Agathoth

5. Rygas and Xylat

6. Concubath

7. Game End


Let me know what you think of this Mothlight Guide in the Pit below.


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12 responses

  1. grimm says:

    Where is the are where Lucien was originally fought? idk where to go

  2. Katie Louise says:

    For me the other glowing dot isn’t there, what do I do now?

    I’ve defeated everything in moth city, in the ladder section rtf?

  3. Katie says:

    I seem to be in an area you haven’t explained here. It is called Augus and appears to be a small town. I can’t get out. Help?

  4. Rsun2013 says:

    How do you defeat the Feral Dragon?

  5. Ashe says:

    y’all he had about 51 hp wow

  6. olea says:

    i get no exp from fights, and im now at the fight with idris but im still on lvl 1 and have a max of 10 health, is this normal??

  7. Juliette says:

    But, for the begs mine, how do you activate the lever? I don’t understand, I can’t move forward!
    Can anybody help me?

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