Borderland 3: Meridian Metroplex Crew Challenges Guide

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After you travel through the Meridian Outskirts you will arrive in Meridian Metroplex. In this large area there are six Crew Challenges for players to complete. To help you complete these challenges, use our Meridian Metroplex Crew Challenges guide below.

Meridian Metroplex Crew Challenges Locations Map

Image showing the Meridian Metroplex Crew Challenges Locations Map.

After the Meridian Outskirts you will arrive in the Meridian Metroplex. As the name suggests this is a large city area which is in relative ruins. In this area there are a number of Crew Challenges to complete. Use the map above to help you complete these.

Dead Claptrap: Stair-Climbing Update

Image showing the Dead Claptrap Stair-Climbing Update location.

The Dead Claptrap can be found in a stairwell at the location marked on the map above. Unfortunately its Stair-Climbing Update could not help it.

Crimson Radio: Building Beside Overpass

Image showing the Crimson Radio: Building Beside Overpass.

West of where you found the Dead Claptrap you will find a radio tower. Climb up the building to the east of it then jump over and climb up to reach the computer.

Target of Opportunity: Barron Noggin

Image showing the Target of Opportunity Barron Noggin.

Target of Opportunity Crew Challenges come directly from Zero. These challenges involve defeating certain enemies at a specific location. The first Target of Opportunity is Barron Noggin who resides a lower level area to the northwest of the Meridian Metroplex Fast Travel Station.

Typhon Log #1: Meridian Mercantile

Image showing the Typhon Log in the Meridian Mercantile area.

On the balcony where you meet up with Zero you will find this Typhon Log.

Typhon Log #2: Halcyon Suborbital Support

Image showing the Typhon Log #2: Halcyon Suborbital Support location.

You will find this Typhon Log on the way to Halcyon Suborbital Support above the Catch-A-Ride.

Hijack Target: Sonic Cyclone

Image showing the Sonic Cyclone location.

In the west area of the Meridian Metroplex you will find the Sonic Cyclone behind a locked gate. To open this gate you need to open the water valves above the splits in the power cord running from the power box. Do this on the three gaps and you will open the gate. Take the Sonic Cyclone to the nearest Catch-A-Ride to complete the challenge.

Typhon Log #3: Titan’s Gate

Image showing the location of the Typhon Log #3 Titan's Gate.

Just before you enter Atlas HQ, you will reach an area called Titan’s Gate. Sitting in a planter in this area is the Typhon Log.

Typhon Dead Drop: On Overpass

Image showing the location of the Typhon Dead Drop: On Overpass.

Note: If you go to the here without gathering the logs, the chest is locked.

After you’ve gathered all three of the Typhon Logs you will unlock a Typhon Dead Drop. This Dead Drop appears on an overpass. To reach the overpass jump on top of the shipping containers located to the southeast of the Catch-A-Ride.

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