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Little Lantern Little Wish is a Lantern Rite Tale request players can complete in Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite event. This tale is part of the Lantern Rite Tales I collection. To complete this request players need to help an NPC named Mengmeng who is located in the Dihua Marsh. For help completing this quest consult our Little Lantern Little Wish guide below.

Little Lantern Little Wish Walkthrough

Once you start this Lantern Rite Tale make your way to the Statue of The Seven – Geo in Dihua Marsh, Liyue. At this location you will encounter an NPC named Mengmeng who is standing just outside the house there. Speak to Mengmeng to learn she is not very good at making Xiao Lanterns. Offer to help to kick off the quest line.

Follow Mengmeng to Meet Yu

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During your interaction with Mengmeng you will show her how to make a Xiao Lantern. After this interaction you will need to follow Mengmeng to meet Yu, the recipient of her gift. Yu is located just 171m to the southwest of where you encountered Mengmeng. Head there now and speak to Yu to trigger an interaction between him and Mengmeng.

Hang Xiao Lantern

Image showing where to Hang Xiao Lantern in Genshin Impact.

While you are conversing with Mengmeng and Yu you will learn that Yu’s father is in poor health. Because of this Yu wants to hang the lantern, but can’t. This is where you come in. Agree to help Yu then climb up to the roof at the front of the house. Here you can hang the lantern. Do this now to complete this objective.

Speak to Yu

After hanging the lantern drop down and return to Yu. Speak to him and he will thank you for hanging the lantern for him. During this conversation you will offer to clean the shop for him so he can go play. This will trigger the next quest objective.

Help Yu Clean the Shop

Image showing Help Yu Clean the Shop in Genshin Impact.

To clean the shop equip a Hydro character and use their ability to clean up the three messes on the front porch. Once you’ve cleaned up the three spots you will notice that the kids aren’t back yet. Time to go find them.

Find Yu and Mengmeng

The kids are located slightly north of the shop. Head to their location and stand on the quest marker to trigger a cutscene. After the final interaction is complete you will have finished the Little Lantern Little Wish request. For you efforts you will receive Primogems, Festive Fever, and Mora.

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