Lake Guide and Walkthrough (100% Achievements + All Endings)

Lake is a slice-of-life indie title that tasks players with taking on the role of Meredith, a 40 year-old developer, who takes a break from big city life to help her father who is a local mail carrier in the town of Providence Oaks. In this town you will spend your time meeting new people, delivering mail, and advancing the main storyline. To help you see all that the game has to offer use our Lake guide and walkthrough below to unlock all achievements and the game’s multiple endings.

Lake Guide Notes

  • Lake takes about 5-8 hours to complete.
  • There are 10 achievements to unlock.
  • The important characters are: Robert, Nancy, and Kay. Keep this in mind when interacting with them.
  • The game has multiple endings.

Monday, September 1: First Day in Lake/Tutorial

Image showing the Main Menu screen for Lake.
Starting screen for Lake.

Install and start Lake. Once you reach the starting screen select new game to start the game. Watch the opening cutscene where you learn agree to help your father then you will head to the town of Providence Oaks.

The second cutscene is where you meet Frank Coleman. He is a mail carrier like your father. He will show you the ropes on how to deliver mail. There are two tutorial portions to complete in this section:

  1. Exit mail truck. Walk to mailbox. Deliver mail. Return to truck.
  2. Exit mail truck. Get package from back of truck. Walk to door. Ring doorbell. Leave package. Return to truck.

After you make the parcel delivery Frank will take you to your parent’s house. Walk to the front door and head inside. This ends your first day. A cutscene will play showing what you did that afternoon.

Tuesday, September 2 Guide

The next day you will start out at the Postal Service building in Providence Oaks. Here you speak to Frank who has filled the mail truck with your deliveries for the day. Frank also gives you the Map which is useful in helping you navigate the town. Once you’ve received the map then get in your truck.

Once you are inside the truck you are free to roam the area making your deliveries. This is fairly simple to do. Open your map and you will see a list of Letters and Parcels to deliver. The locations of the delivery spots are highlighted on your map. Today’s are as follows:


  • 1 Bear Creek.
  • 102 Lake Rd.
  • 103 Main St.


  • 200 Lake Rd.
  • 300 Lake Rd.
  • 500 Lake Rd.
  • 207 Main St.

Each location you visit to make a package delivery ensure you have the correct package to deliver by matching the address with the one shown at the bottom right of the mini-map. Each package you deliver features a small interaction with a local. During these interactions you will be able to explore a variety of topics. Be sure to choose dialogue choices that expand your interactions.

Achievement 1: Higher Ground

Image showing the map location for the Higher Ground achievement in Lake.
Where to get the Higher Ground achievement.

Note: Can be done at any time in free roam.

As you are making deliveries you can snag this achievement. There is a road called Jackson St that runs through Main Street. Take the street to the west all the way and then go through the path in the forest. This path leads you to a church. Visiting this church leads to the unlocking the first achievement called Higher Ground.

Achievement 2: Tower Watcher

Image showing where to get the Tower Watcher achievement in Lake.
Where to get the Tower Watcher achievement.

Note: Can be done at any time in free roam.

One of the deliveries you need to make is to a lumberjack that lives in the forest. Along the way to this character there is a road called W Lake Rd. This road leads to a watch tower. Go up this road and climb the watch tower to trigger the Tower Watcher achievement.

Make all your deliveries for the day and then return to the Post Office. Leave the truck to end the work day. You will then go back to your Parent’s house. Here you will speak to your mother on the phone. After speaking to her you can choose and end day activity: watch TV or read a book. Choose whichever you wish to end the day on.

Wednesday, September 3 Guide

On Wednesday you will start the day at the Post Office. Get in the truck and open you map to see the delivery list. Today you mostly have letters to delivery alongside a few packages. The day’s deliveries are as follows:


  • 200 Lake Rd.
  • 100 New St.
  • 203 Walnut Dr.
  • 104 E 3rd St.
  • 205 Heron Circle.
  • 207 Heron Circle.


  • 400 Lake Rd.
  • 351 Main St.
  • 402 Pine St.


  • 400 E Lakeview Blvd (Cat).

Just follow your map and make the deliveries as the appear on your route. Along the way you will meet more residents of Providence Oaks. The important interaction is with Angie who runs the video rental store. Be sure to speak to her to learn more about her.

With the others just make your deliveries and follow the interesting conversation paths when you speak to them. While you complete this day there is an achievement you can unlock.

Achievement 3: Cat Lover

Image showing how to complete the Cat Lover achievement in Lake.
Making the delivery of the cat for Miss Jenkins.

While making the delivery to Miss Jenkins at 200 Lake Rd she will ask you to help her make a special emergency delivery. This emergency delivery is of a cat. Agree to take the cat to Mr. Mackey at the bat shop on the northeast side of the Lake. Take the cat and place it in your truck. Drive to the bait shop, take the cat out, and make the delivery.

Once the delivery is made you need to wait a day to then pick up the cat. This can be done on Thursday. Take the cat back to Miss Mortimer’s to receive the Cat Lover achievement.

Complete the rest of the day by making all of the remaining deliveries. Head back to the Post Office and leave the truck there to end the day. You will go back to your parent’s house. You will chat on the phone again with Steve, be sure to agree to help him by reading the notes. After choose to stay home and watch The Postman Always Rings Twice.

Thursday, September 4 Guide

Get in your truck. Open the map and look at the various deliveries you need to make. There are a number that can be done from the list. The deliveries are:


  • 1 Bear Creek.
  • 105 High St.
  • 302 Jackson St.
  • 403 Main St.
  • 110 W 2nd St.


  • 500 Lake Rd.
  • 351 Main St.
  • 102 Pine St.


  • 200 Lake Rd (Cat).

There are a number of deliveries to make, a side quest to complete, and a new side quest to begin. Be sure to make every delivery on the list to avoid missing out on anything. The important delivery interactions are with the lumberjack and Angie.

Achievement 4: Movie Carrier

Image showing the movie carrier object in Lake.
Receiving the VHS to deliver in Lake.

When you make the delivery to Angie at the video store Flick Shack she will ask for help with a plan she has. Agree to help to start the side quest for Angie that is a multiple part quest that involves delivering movies to different residents in town. The quest steps are as follows:

  1. Meet Angie at your parent’s house after shift.
  2. Deliver to Lori at the garage on September 5. Choose whichever movie suggestion.
  3. Pick up movie box from Lori on September 6 and return to Angie.
  4. Deliver to Burt’s lakeside house. Choose whichever movie suggestion.
  5. Pick up movie box from Burt on September 7.
  6. Return movie box to Angie.

Once you’ve completed this string of deliveries you will unlock the Movie Carrier achievement. It is important to keep track of the deliveries each day to snag it.

Achievement 5: Workaholic

Image showing working on the Addit '87 material in Lake.
Working on the Addit ’87 papers.

Part 1: On September 3rd in the evening you will speak to your boss. He asks you to look over some notes. Agree to help him then complete September 4th. In the evening during September 4th you will have the option to work on the Addit ’87 material. Select this option to spend the evening working.

Part 2: Steve will call you on September 7th + 9th. He will tell you about a contract he needs you to look over. Agree to receive it on September 8. Read the contract when you get a chance on September 9th to trigger this achievement.

Finish off the day with the work to continue onto the next work day. There is plenty of work on the table for you to complete on Friday.

Friday, September 5 Guide

After you read the Addit ’87 Papers you will go to bed and start the next day. You appear at the Post Office where you can enter the truck to begin your deliveries. As mentioned earlier it is a busy day so be prepared for a bit of playing toady. The to do list of deliveries is as follows:


  • 204 Jackson St.
  • 403 Pine St.
  • 107 E 2nd St.
  • 103 W 3rd St.
  • 106 W 3rd St.


  • 300 Lake Rd.
  • 500 Lake Rd.
  • 207 Main St.
  • 1 Reynolds Farm.


  • 300 Lake Rd (Movie).

While you make the deliveries listed above there are a few achievements for you to unlock. Besides continuing the movie quest for Angie you will can start a photo quest for Nancy and can unlock an achievement by meeting with Andy the detectorist. To make your life simpler meet Nancy first at the General Store to start the camera quest.

Achievement 6: Shutter Bug

Image showing entering the photo contest in Lake.
How to unlock the Shutter Bug achievement.

When you make the delivery to Nancy at the main street General Store she will give you a Camera. With this camera you can take pictures. To complete this achievement take a total of 12 pictures then return to Nancy. Nancy takes one day to developer your pictures. After the pictures are developed submit one to the contest she is running to unlock the Shutter Bug achievement.

The easiest way to complete this achievement is to take 12 pictures along your route on September 5 then deliver the camera back to Nancy on September 6. Once you’ve done this visit Nancy on September 8th and pick a photo to submit to the contest. After the photo is submitted you will unlock the achievement.

Achievement 7: Metal Detector

Image showing Andy, the Metal Detectorist in Lake.
Metal Detector using Andy.

You need to make a delivery to a location called Reynolds Farm. In the field leading to the farm you will see a man using a metal detector. Jump out of the truck and go over to him. Speak to him to unlock the Metal Detector achievement. If you miss him here he can be found in front of the Motel on September 13th.

When you make the delivery to the Reynolds’ farm he will give you a letter, accept it. Complete your day and head back to the Post Office to end the night. If you romanced Robert you will go to the diner to meet with him to look over some paperwork. After this meeting you will go home where you get a call from Steve. Once the call is complete select a evening activity to advance to the next day.

Saturday, September 6 Guide

The letter given to you by Jack Reynolds is for a campground on the southeast side of the lake. This letter is important for unlocking one of the game’s endings. Start the day and make the deliveries listed below:


  • 1 Bear Creek.
  • 201 Walnut Dr.
  • 104 E 1st St.
  • 1 Campground.
  • 209 Heron Circle.
  • 115 Willow Rd.


  • 103 Vintage St.
  • 104 W 2nd St.


  • 400 E Lakeview Blvd (Movie).

If you are doing Angie’s quest make sure to grab the movie from Lori and take it to Angie. You can then deliver the movie to Mr. Mackey. You can also drop off the camera at the General Store if you’ve taken 12 pictures.

Alongside the quest deliveries make the normal deliveries as you normally would. The one that is important is the campground. At the campground you meet two characters named Mickey and June. These characters have an RV which is important for the game’s endings. After speaking to the couple return to the Post Office to end the workday.

Back at the Wiess Residence you will get a call from Kay. Kay wants to meet, which prompts a choice to meet or not. After making this decision you will trigger a cutscene. If you opt to meet her you will visit her at the watch tower.

Sunday, September 7 Guide

Sunday is a day off from delivering mail so you will spend it doing whatever. If you meet with Kay it occurs on this day. In the evening you will get a call from Steve. He has good news about the program you are developing. He offers to send some contracts so agree. After this conversation you will hang out with Lori and watch a movie to end the week.

September 8-13 Guide

The next week you will basically spend most of your time doing deliveries and completing a few odds and ends. What you do this week will set you up for the game’s endings. The important things to complete each day this week to ensure you can unlock everything are as follows:

  • Pick up pictures from General Store. Enter contest (Sept 8).
  • Pick up movie from Mr. Mackey. Return to Angie (Sept 8).
  • Deliver letter to June > Ask about RV (Sept 8).
  • Visit Robert (Sept 9).
  • Evening campfire meet with Mickey and June (Sept 10).
    • Accept the RV when offered.
  • Don’t give the RV to Lori (Sept 11).
  • Save game before workday end (Sept 13).

Follow the list above to setup your game to access all three possible endings. You will also have completed all of the achievements available that aren’t ending related. Once you reach September 13th the only thing you need to ensure you do is make a save right before you end the workday.

Sunday+Monday, September 14+15 Lake Endings Guide

Image showing the endings selections in Lake.
When to pick the ending you want in Lake.

The final days of the game are September 13th and 14th. On the 15th day you will have to make a choice of what you are doing. There are three possible choices you can make, with each tied to their own ending and achievement unlock. To unlock them all you will need to replay the final day three times by reloading after you’ve completed an ending.

To reach the point where you make the decision make your way through the Open Mic cutscene at the diner. After the long cutscene concludes you will need to make a choice when speaking to Frank on the morning of September 15th to unlock the different endings.

Achievement 8: Life in the Fast Lane Ending

To leave Providence Oaks, and head back to the big city, speak to Frank and select the “…but no, I’m taking it off and will leave town.” option when asked about the coat. After this selection tell Frank you want to go “Back to my home, my job, and my life in the big city.” Frank will accept your selection and will offer give you a ride to the airport. A few cutscenes will play and the game will end, unlocking the Life in the Fast Lane achievement.

Achievement 9: Free Spirit Ending

To leave Providence Oaks to go on a road trip in the RV select the “…but no, I’m taking it off and will leave town.” option when asked about the coat. After this selection tell Frank that “I’m going on a road trip.” Frank will accept your selection and the RV will pull up out front of the Post office. A few cutscenes will play and the game will end, unlocking the Free Spirit achievement.

Achievement 10: Hometowner Ending

To stay in Providence Oaks select the “…and yes, I want to wear it a bit longer.” option when asked about the coat. After this selection tell Frank that “I’m going on a road trip.” Frank will accept your selection and Meredith will stay. A few cutscenes will play and the game will end, unlocking the Hometowner achievement.

This ends our complete Lake guide. If you followed the guide up to this point you will have unlocked all 10 achievements and the game’s three different endings. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions be sure to drop them in the comments section below the article.


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