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Once you reach Adventure Rank 20 in Genshin Impact you will unlock a world quest called Kurious Kamera. This world quest tasks you with meeting with the character named Ji Tong in the Liyue Harbor, Liyue area. This quest is fairly simple to complete. To help you complete it use our Kurious Kamera guide below.

Where to Find Ji Tong for Kurious Kamera

Image showing the map location of Ji Tong in Genshin Impact.

Once you have the Kurious Kamera quest unlocked you need to make your way to Liyue Harbor. This location is the southern section of the world. Reaching this area is a bit of a journey so be ready to spend a good few minutes making the walk. The easiest path I’ve found is to simple head to the Dawn Winery then follow the path southwest to the location.

Once you are at Liyue Harbor you will find Ji Tong in the market area next to the northern entrance. Approach this NPC and speak to him to trigger the Kurious Kamera quest. This first interaction will unlock the Kurious Kamera gadget for you to use. Upon receiving the camera you will complete the Kurious Kamera quest and will let you start the limited time 1.3 update event called Five Flushes of Fortune.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Kurious Kamera quest in Genshin Impact. This quest is easy to complete, but may require you to spend a bit of time journeying to the NPC. Happy traveling.

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