Katana ZERO Club Neon Guide

After completing Murdower Hotel, you will be sent to take out a dj at Club Neon. This dj has been selling drugs to the kids and we can’t have that. Check out our complete Katana ZERO Club Neon guide below.

Club Neon Room 1: Dance Floor

Club Neon Room 1: Dance Floor

The first floor of Club Neon introduces the idea of stealth into Katana ZERO. This room takes place on the dance floor which means no killing. To make your way through the dance floor without alerting guards, you need to blend into the dancing people. When you do this (by simply standing by them), you will start dancing which makes you undetectable. Do this all the way up to the door on left side of the second floor.

Club Neon Room 2: Strong Terry

Club Neon Room 2: Strong Terry

If you remember in Murdower Tower there are two enemies standing in front of a door musing on The Dragon taking on Strong Terry… Well we get a chance to meet Strong Terry. He’s the first enemy you run into in the this room. If you kill Strong Terry and wait, another enemy runs in and says you killed Strong Terry. Just an interesting little conclusion to that story.

Club Neon Room 2 Strong Terry

Besides Strong Terry there are a few other enemies you need to take out in this room. Once the enemies are taken care of you will notice security cameras which lock doors if they see you. To get around the camera in this room, simply stay by the crates until the coast is clear. Head to the next room.

Club Neon Room 3: Enemies and Mounted Guns

Club Neon Room 3 Enemies and Mounted Guns

When you enter this room you will notice two brawlers and a mounted gun behind a door on the floor below. Drop down and takeout the brawlers then go to the door. Open the door and immediately roll towards the mounted gun. Once you are behind the mounted gun, take it out.

Club Neon Room 3 Enemies and Mounted Guns

Drop down to the next floor and take out the enemy with the gun and the melee enemy. Go to the door. Open the door and either roll towards the enemy with the gun or deflect his shots. Take him out.

Club Neon Room 3 Enemies and Mounted Guns

Drop down and grab the cleaver. Wait for a clear shot to the enemy with the gun and throw the cleaver at him. Take out the brawler. Hit the cracked pipe to let smoke into the area, obscuring you from the security camera. Head to the next room.

Club Neon Room 4: A Lot of Gun Enemies

Club Neon Room 4: A Lot of Guns
Club Neon Room 4: A Lot of Guns

In this room you will see two melee enemies on the floor above you. Take them out and grab the cleaver nearby. Hit the door into the gun enemy then immediately run back to the staircase. Go down the stairs and wait for the gun enemies to come running over. Take them out when they appear at the top of the stairs. Use the cleaver on any stragglers. Head through the door on the right, take out the gun enemy there then continue to the next room.

Club Neon Room 5: More Mounted Guns

Club Neon Room 5 More Mounted Guns

The next room has two mounted guns in it. These guns will kill you if you don’t roll past them or obscure their vision. The first mounted gun is located on the first floor with two brawlers near it. Take out the first brawler then wait by the door. Open the door, roll through so you’re behind the mounted gun. Take out the brawler and the mounted gun.

Club Neon Room 5 More Mounted Guns

Make your way to the second floor and take out the lone melee enemy there. Grab the cleaver and head towards the stairs leading to the third floor. On the third floor you will see a mounted gun and some enemies. Throw the cleaver up at the cracked pipe so the area becomes smokey. Take out the gun and enemies.

Head right of this room and roll through the moving laser traps. Continue right until you see a switch and a melee enemy. Take out the enemy and flip the switch. Head all the way left to enter the next room.

Club Neon Room 6: A Lot of Enemies

Club Neon Room 6: A Lot of Enemies

Club Neon Room 6: A Lot of Enemies
Club Neon Room 6: A Lot of Enemies

The final room features a ton of enemies and looks pretty intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple. Here’s what you want to do.

  1. Take out the two melee and one brawler enemy on the first floor with your katana.
  2. Head to the second floor and immediately enter the room to the left. In this room there are a number of throwables. Turn and start throwing the throwables at the four melee enemies that will rush you from the right.
  3. Go right to where the four melee enemies were standing. Look for a switch on the wall. Flip the switch to activate the laser trap on the third floor. Turn off the trap.
  4. Jump up to the door on the third floor, open it, and immediately drop back down to the switch on the second floor. Turn on the switch as the enemies come running out.
  5. Double back to the room with all the throwables in it. Break the floor above you and head left to the target.

If you listen to the four melee guys conversation they will mention wanting to tell Strong Terry about the initiation. Just another interesting Strong Terry lore bit.

Club Neon Room 7: DJ Booth

Club Neon Room 7 DJ Booth

Before entering the DJ booth, you will get a phone call regarding the target. You are ordered not to speak with him. When you enter the DJ booth you have a couple of options which impact story.

  1. Kill DJ.
  2. Talk with DJ.

If you opt to talk with the DJ, you will learn a bunch of stuff about a drug that sounds oddly familiar to you. Keep speaking with the DJ and he will eventually get shot by someone else. The information you get from the DJ can be used in a later conversation with your employer about the drug he administers you.

Club Neon Room 8: Dance Floor

After the DJ is taken out, you will return to the dance floor. You need to make your way to the club exit. This time you can kill the enemies that stand in your way. There are two brawlers and a melee enemy on the top floor and two gun enemies and a brawler on the bottom floor. When you takeout the last enemy on the bottom floor a swat officer will run down from above and a gun enemy will appear at the club entrance. Take both of them out and leave the level.

Apartment – Finding Leviathan

Apartment - Finding Leviathan

When you return to your apartment the neighbor is playing just out front. She wants to come inside and look for Leviathan. You let her inside regardless of what choice you make. Once inside you need to take the neighbors toy and find the Leviathan. It’s under the couch. After this you can drink tea and sleep. After you wake up you will see your employer. He will send you to Prison to takeout another target.

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