How to Preload Far Cry 5 on PlayStation 4

How to Access Far Cry 5 DLC Items - Various Far Cry 5 editions are for sale.
There are multiple Far Cry 5 editions available for purchase. Each edition offers different DLC items.

Far Cry 5 is less than a day away from being launched and that means it’s time to preload the game. Fans on PC and Xbox One got to preload the newest Far Cry title a bit earlier than us PlayStation 4 boys, but as of Midnight, the game can now be preloaded on PS4. To help you with this process, I’ve put together this how to preload Far Cry 5 on PlayStation 4. Let’s go! Update: Far Cry 5 is now out on all platforms. It should be easily accessible on PS4. To see how to access your DLC Items, consult our Far Cry 5 DLC Items guide

1. Pre-order the Far Cry 5 from the PlayStation Store

how to preload Far Cry 5 on PlayStation 4 - editions

As you can see, there are a number of Far Cry 5 Editions available for preorder in the PlayStation Store.

The first step in this guide is to have a pre-order of the game from the PlayStation Store. Without a preorder, this guide is basically useless to you. On the store there are three different editions of the game: Standard Edition; Deluxe Edition; Gold Edition. Each edition comes with their own tier of items, so decide which copy you want and make your purchase.

2. Access Your Game Library

how to preload Far Cry 5 on PlayStation 4 - PS4 Library

The PS4’s Library is the fair right bookshelf icon on the home screen menu.

With your Far Cry 5 preorder made, head to the PlayStation 4 dashboard and make your way to your Library. The Library tab is found on the far right and has a bookshelf icon. Once found, access your library.

3. Access the Purchased Option in the Library

Once you are inside you PS4’s library, navigate to the Purchased option in the side menu (should be below your GT and avatar). Inside your collection of purchased game should be a Far Cry 5. Select it and you will be prompted to download the game and all of the preorder bonuses you are owed (depending on the Edition you purchased). That’s all there is to it.

4. Wait Patiently for Far Cry 5 to Release

Once the game is preloaded, all that is left to do is wait for Far Cry 5‘s launch at 9 PST on March 26. While you wait, maybe check out this video of a guy yelling while he paints.

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