How to Get Wood in Genshin Impact

In the new Update 1.5 of Genshin Impact players can now own their own sub-realm. These sub-realms are large spaces that feature a player’s home and other structures. To make things more interesting there is a ton of customization options for this new location. Many of these options come from building furniture and other blueprints. A key item in these recipes is wood. You will want to gather a ton of wood if you are going to be crafting items. To help you learn about this material here’s a quick how to get wood in Genshin Impact guide.

How to Gather Wood in Genshin Impact

Image showing How to Get Wood in Genshin Impact.

Gathering wood in Genshin Impact is fairly straightforward to do. Head out into the world of Teyvat and look for the nearest tree. Approach the tree and attack the trunk with a melee weapon. The trunk will shake and wood will go flying off of it. This wood will enter your inventory. Each tree appears to yield roughly 3x wood before it is depleted. Hit each tree until it runs out of wood. Once you are done with one tree head on over to the other. Repeat this process as needed to gather as much wood as you want.

Before wrapping this up I want to mention something important. There are different types of wood you can harvest from different types of trees. This means you will want to go resource hunting in different areas of Teyvat. This ensures you will gather the different types of wood needed to craft the different blueprints. Use a resource like the Genshin Impact world map to make your life easier while looking for the wood you need.

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