How to Get the Pearlspring α in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

There is an event going on in Monster Hunter World to celebrate the launch of the new expansion Iceborne. This event quest is called Pearl Snatchers. Completing this event nets you an intersting headpiece. Read more below to learn how to get the Pearlspring α in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Note: you need access to Hoarfrost Reach to complete this Event.

Master Rank Event Mission: Pearl Snatchers

Image showing the locations of the two hot springs.

The mission you need to complete is called Pearl Snatchers. This mission tasks you will delivering six Pearlspring Macaque. If you don’t know what these are, fear not. I have you covered.

Image showing how to catch the Pearlspring Macaque.

The Pearlspring Macaque are little creatures that reside in the two Hot Springs in Hoarfrost Reach. To catch these little creatures equip your net. Shoot the net at the Pearlspring Macaque to catch them. Catch six and the event will end. You will earn some Pealrspring Tickets. These tickets can be turned in to the Smithy.

Pealspring α Crafting Requirements

Image showing the Pearlspring helmet.

The Pearlspring α is a helmet which basically puts a Pearlspring Macaque on your head. To craft this helmet you need the following resources.

  • 3x Pearlspring Ticket.
  • 2x Prized Pelt.
  • 2x Thick Bone.
  • 9000 z

Once you’ve gathered the required resources, the Smithy will craft this helmet for you. Have fun walking around with this strange creature on your head.

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