How to Get the Huge Pink Balloon Cat in Pet Simulator X

Huge Pink Balloon Cat Pet Simulator X

It’s not everyday that a new pet is released in Pet Simulator X. Today we get a special drop of the Pink Balloon Cat. This Huge Pet is a pink re-skin of the Green Balloon Cat that players can hatch from the Royal Egg in the Cat Throne Room. If you want to learn how to het the Pink Balloon Cat in Pet Simulator X, see our guide below.

How to Get the Huge Pink Balloon Cat

To get this limited time pet in Pet Simulator X you need to purchase the limited edition Pink Balloon Cat shoulder item from the Roblox Avatar store. The item costs a whopping 5000 Robux to purchase and there are only 7,500 available for sale.

This item is not tradeable either the pet or the shoulder accessory. The only way for players to acquire it is through purchasing it from the drop or by buying it from a third-party seller (pretty risky).

Once you’ve purchased the item the next step is to equip it on your character. Doing this unlocks the huge pet inside of Pet Simulator X. What makes this pet special is that it comes with two sought after enchantments. The first one is Best Friend which guarantees the pet will always be better than your strongest pet. The second is Strength V which causes the pet to do +100% damage.

This is just one of multiple drops that have occurred in Pet Simulator X. The most recent drop was also the most interesting. BIG Games released a Titanic Banana that players could purchase form the Roblox Avatar store. There is also an upcoming Titanic Plushie sale for both Capybara and Lucki pets.

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