How to Get the Bow in The Last of Us 2

In The Last of Us Part II there are number of weapons players can find to help them on their playthrough. Some of these weapons are better than others and one of the good weapons players can get is the bow. To help you get your hands on this weapon use our how to get the bow guide below.

Defeat Boris During the Hillcrest Mission

Image showing Boris in The Last of Us Part II.

You get the bow during the mission called Hillcrest. This mission comes after The Birthday Gift and it involves exploring the largely commercial area of Hillcrest. At the end of this mission you will reach the home of Boris. To get the bow simply head through the gap in the door in the kitchen to enter the garage. When you enter the garage Boris will attack you. Defeat Boris and loot the bow off of his corpse.

That’s all you need to know on how to get the Bow in The Last of Us Part II. This weapon is along the main path so you won’t really miss it unless you choose not to pick it up. Not all weapons are like the Bow so keep that in mind as you explore the game.

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