How to Get the Antler Knife in Red Dead Redemption 2

Over the past couple of days we’ve been chronicling how to get various unique weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2. Although it feels like I’ve covered a bunch, there are still more out there for us to collect. The next weapon on the list is the Horn Handle Knife. Keep reading below to learn how to get the Antler Knife in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Antler Knife Location: Northwest of Hanging Dog Ranch

To get the Horn Handle Knife, you need to find it out in the world. The location of this place is to the northwest of the map along Little Creek River. Once you reach the ranch, make your way northwest to the point highlighted on the map above. At this point you will find a dead bear on top of a hunter. In the bear’s head is the knife. Grab the Antler Knife to add it to your collection.

About the Antler Knife

Antler Knife Compendium Entry in Red Dead Redemption 2

This is the Compendium entry for the Antler Knife.

Picking up the Antler Knife adds it to your collection. This means there is a Compendium entry for the weapon. The Compendium entry for the Antler Knife is:

A rare knife, with a handle manufactured from the antler of a stag, and part of the blade snapped off near the crossguard. This weapon was taken from the scene of a fight between a large bear and a hunter, which occured near Hanging Dog Ranch in Big Valley. Neither side won.

If you want to collect every single one of the 59 weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2, you will need to collect the Antler Knife. The Wide Antler Knife is just one of the many unique weapons you can get in the game including the Viking Hatchet and the Rare Shotgun.

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