How to Get Sorush Gadget in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sorush.

A new update for Genshin Impact is out now and with it comes a new Gadget for players to acquire. This new Gadget is Sorush and with it players can search out all 36 Plumes of Purifying light, and solve puzzles they can’t reach. To help you find this gadget we’ve put together the how to get Sorush Gadget in Genshin Impact guide below.

Where to Find the Sorush Gadget

To get the new Sorush Gadget you need to complete the The Splendrous Sky That Day quest in the Girdle of Sands region. This quest was added in the Genshin Impact 3.6 and is the first quest of the Khavarena of Good and Evil Quest chain. Completing this quest takes about 10 minutes to do, and is well worth the trouble to get the new Gadget.

In the first part of the questline you will encounter Sorush and one of the skeptic followers. Sorush asks the player for assistance going to the top of the nearby Temir Mountains. About halfway up you will have to destroy some Gray Crystals along the path. Destroy them and follow the path until you meet an NPC. Speak to the Leader of the Skeptics named Nasejuna. After this interaction you get to keep Sorush.

What does the Sorush Gadget Do

Genshin Impact Sorush flight details.
Details about Sorush flight.

Like other Gadgets in the game Sorush features some special gameplay abilities when used. Sorush has the ability of flight which the player can control. This allows you to search areas that are normally hard to reach for the player. Sorush is used to solve puzzles you normally couldn’t solve alone.

Additionally Sorush can seek out all 36 Plumes of Purifying Light across the Girdles of Sands area. These special collectibles can be turn in at the Amrita Pool for 17 total rewards. These rewards include such items as Mora, Hero’s Wit, and weapon ascension materials.

That’s all you need to know to unlock Sorush in Genshin Impact. If you naturally playthrough the new 3.6 content you will have no trouble getting this new Gadget.

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