How to Get Married in Youtubers Life 2

In Youtubers Life 2 players can romance a number of characters. These characters all have different personalities, hobbies, and likes and dislikes. Marrying any of the characters in the game has a positive effect on your playthrough. It adds a new room to your apartment and interesting interactions. See our how to get married in Youtubers Life 2 guide below for details.


Increase Relationship Level

Image showing the max relationship status with Adam in YouTubers Life 2.

Every character in your contacts list has a relationship level you can increase. Non-romanceable characters have 5 hearts and romanceable characters have 10. If you want to marry a character make sure they can be romanced. To increase your relationship with the characters you encounter you should do the following three interactions:

  1. Talk to them.
  2. Give gifts to them.
  3. Take pictures of them.
  4. Complete relationship missions.

Doing the four actions listed above regularly will increase your relationship with each of the characters you encounter. As you increase your relationship level you will unlock new interactions and access to backrooms. For romanceable characters you unlock flirting and the ability to kiss.


Invite to Move in as Roomate

Once your relationship grows enough you can invite your partner to move into you apartment. There will be a conversation selection where you can make this suggestion. To allow the person to move in you need to get an extra key for your apartment. This means going to City Hall. At City Hall speak to Lorenzo and ask for “a duplicate set of house keys” which costs 1000 coins. Give the key to the person you wish to move in. Note you can only have one roomate at a time.

Propose with Wedding Ring

Image showing the Wedding Ring in YouTuber's Life 2.

If roommate is not enough for you the next step is marriage. To get married propose with the wedding ring to single npcs you have a high relationship status. The wedding ring is sold in Gianni’s Exclusive section. To get to this section you need to become a top 100 NewTuber. Hit this mark and you will receive the membership. The membership you receive allows you to go into the exclusive section of the store. Go to the store and enter the exclusive section. Head over to the counter and buy the ring for 2,000 coins. Present the ring to the person you wish to marry. A marriage sequence will commence after you propose.


That’s all to know about marriage in Youtubers Life 2. A trophy/achievement is unlocked after you marry in the game. You also get a new room and special interactions with your partner. They will occasionally give you gifts also. If you are unhappy with who you chose you can easily get a divorce in the game. Our divorce guide shows you how to do that.

What did you think of our how to get married in Youtubers Life 2 guide? Drop a comment below.


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