How to Get Gigantamax Meowth in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield there are a number of bonuses for players that pre-ordered the game. One of these bonuses is a Gigantamax Meowth. This Pokemon is not available any other way in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. To learn how to get this Pokemon for yourself, consult the how to get Gigantamax Meowth guide below.

Pre-order Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield

Image showing the Gigantamax Meowth in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

To get the Gigantamax Meowth you need to have pre-ordered Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield. If you’ve pre-ordered the game you will have the opportunity to claim Gigantamax Meowth between November 15, 2019 – January 15, 2020 through the game’s Mystery Gift system. Learn more below.

Get Gigantamax Meowth Through Mystery Gift

Image showing How to Get Gigantamax Meowth.

Start a game and open the menu system with X. On the menu system you will see Mystery Gift in the bottom left corner. Open the Mystery Gift and select Get a Mystery Gift. On the next menu select Get via Internet. Once you’ve connected to the web you will receive Gigantamax Meowth. The first of many Gigantamax Pokemon in the game.

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That’s all your need to know about how to get Gigantamax Meowth in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Once you have this Pokemon you can apply it to your party and use its Gigantamax ability. Happy fighting out there.

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