How to Get Free Trading Cards During Steam Winter Sale 2023

Steam Discovery Queue during Winter Sale 2023

The Steam Winter 2023 sale has begun and with it comes a slew of game sales for players to sink their teeth into. While the sales are nice to enjoy, there is also a side quest you can complete daily to earn yourself a free trading card. To learn how to get free trading cards during Steam Winter Sale 2023, see our guide below.

View Your Discovery Queue Daily

The Steam Winter Sale Discovery Queue location between Best Sellers and Great Deals.
You can access your Discovery Queue on the main store page.

To receive the free trading card daily during the Steam Winter Sale 2023, simply check your Discovery Feed each day. You can find this feed on the main store page, beneath Top Sellers, resembling the screenshot above, with a prominent notice stating, “Explore great deals, one game at a time. Plus, get a free trading card each day just by exploring your Discovery Queue.”

Once you’ve located the Discovery Feed on either your browser or the Steam App, the next step is to view it. Click on “explore” and cycle through the 10 game pages it presents to you. Upon reaching the very end of the queue, you will receive your trading card for that day. The sale runs December 21-Jan 4, meaning you can get a total of 14 cards to collect.

Upon receiving your trading card, it is added to your inventory. In the inventory, you have the option to either sell the card or keep it. Selling it will earn you money in your Steam Wallet. Alternatively, if you decide to keep it and collect enough cards, you can craft them into a badge.

Whether or not putting in the effort to get each card is worth it is largely up to you. The cards themselves are selling for pennies, making the maximum you can get from selling them not very much. Opting to go the badge route might be wiser since you have something more permanent for your profile.

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