How To Access NBA 2K18 DLC Guide

If you preordered NBA 2K18, you will receive a bunch of DLC items for in game. Depending on which copy of the game you purchased, determines what all you receive. The plain NBA 2K18 edition receives 5,000 VC; 10 Weekly MyTEAM packs; Kyrie Irving MyPLAYER apparel. The Legend edition includes 100,000 VC; 20 Weekly MyTEAM packs; Shaq Jerseys and apparel; Some Shaq attack shoes; Shaq championship ring. The NBA 2K18 Legend edition includes: 250,000 VC, 40 MyTEAM Packs, Shaq Attaq shoes, Rookie Shaq jersey, Shaq Official Logo shirt, Shaq “nickname” jersey, Shaq Championship ring, Mitchell & Ness Shaq jersey collection – 5 in total, and Additional MyPLAYER apparel items. Regardless of which of these editions you purchased, I am going to show you how to access the DLC. Below is how to access NBA 2K18 DLC.


how to access NBA 2K18 DLC

I preordered NBA 2K18 on Steam, so I will be using that platform to show you how to access the DLC. The same logic applies to both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Once you preorder NBA 2K18, you will receive two codes: one for the base game and one for your DLC items.

how to access NBA 2K18 DLC

On Steam, go to the games tab and click on the “Activate a product on Steam” option. This will open the product activation window. Click next on the window and select I agree, this will take you to a Product Code field. Copy paste or type your NBA 2K18 DLC code into this field. This will tie your DLC to your account.

Accessing NBA 2K18 DLC

Now that we have the preorder DLC on our account, we can access it in NBA 2K18. Below you will see how to collect your VC, MyTEAM packs, and Apparel. Hope it helps!


The VC you are owed is deposited directly into your account the moment you start up NBA 2K18. There is nothing you have to do here. Hooray!

MyTEAM Packs

NBA 2K18 Rewards queue

Head into the MyTEAM mode and complete the requirements to unlock access. Head to the MyTEAM rewards queue to collect the rewards from the copy you purchased.


Your apparel can be collected upon completion of the opening portion of MyCareer. Once you have access to the Neighborhood, make your way to MyCOURT High – Rise where you can access the closet. Inside the closet you will find your DLC items.

Check out how to access NBA 2K19’s DLC items.

Our how to access NBA 2K18 DLC items guide will be updated soon


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  1. Samuel T Bonanno says:

    Im kinda pissed i feel robbed i bought the shaq Miami legend copy for the hundred thousand vc and all extra that came with it and ronnie dumb azz doesn’t give people more time on the code the code is expired now i just got the game yesterday from Amazon how do i get what i paid for because i feel robbed please help me

  2. Alex says:

    same digital copy on xbox one and no code came with it

  3. Luis says:

    I have legend gold editon on disk theres isnt a second redeem code

  4. Luis says:

    My dlc items arent there help

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