How to Access Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC Items

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Bungie has released a new expansion for Destiny 2 called Beyond Light. This expansion introduces a number of changes and additions to the game that include new planets, new weapons, new abilities and more. Before diving into the expansion content you will want to pick up some DLC goodies you got from buying the expansion. To learn more use our how to access Destiny 2 Beyond Light DLC items guide below.

Where to Get the Pre-Order Items

For players that pre-ordered the Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion there are a few items for you to access when you turn on the game for the first time. These items are the Exotic Rimed Ghost Shell, the Beyond Light Emblem, and the Freeze Tag Exotic emote. All three of these items can be unlocked by speaking to Master Rahool on the Tower in the Courtyard. Once you’ve claimed the pre-order items you can apply them via the inventory and appearance screens.

Where to Get the Deluxe Edition Items

If you picked up the Deluxe Edition of the expansion you will receive a number of other bonus items. These bonus items are as follows:

  • No Time to Explain (Exotic Pulse Rifle): Complete the main campaign of Beyond Light then speak to the Stranger on Europa. You will get the weapon and catalyst at this time.
  • Any Other Sky (Exotic Sparrow): Available from Master Rahool when you login.

Like the pre-order items you can gather these items by visiting specific npcs at specific times in. Once you’ve spoken to and collected the items they will be available to equip in your inventory.


The final piece of content you gain access to depending on which version of the expansion you bought is in-game seasons. These seasons are run by Bungie and will be activated by them during the coming year. There is nothing you need to do to access these seasons besides downloading the seasons when they go live. If you are new to the season concept they are basically in-game tracks you can level up to unlock seasonal items. The seasons we’ve seen so far are:

That’s all you need to know to access the pre-order and edition specific bonuses in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. These bonus items will allow you to gain a leg up on the start of the season and expansion content. Let me know which edition you bought and why in the comments below.

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