Honkai Star Rail Out of Thin Air Furdo Version Guide

Judge Furdo rejecting the offer to be friends with Wallace.

Honkai Star Rail Out of Thin Air is a Daily Mission players can complete for Wallace in the Administrative District. There are different versions of this mission you can complete which involve helping five different NPCs. This Out of Thin Air Furdo version guide helps you attempt to make Furdo friends with Wallace.

Talk to Wallace in the Overworld

Map location of Wallace in Honkai Star Rail.

To begin the Out of Thin Air daily mission you need to speak to Wallace in the Overworld when the quest is available. Wallace is located in the Administrative District on Jarilo-VI. He is standing by the Everwinter Monument. Approach Wallace at this location and say “I heard you’re looking for friends again” when prompted. He will tell you that he is and he wants a photo of himself standing near a fancy car to do it. This triggers the next quest objective.

Take a Photo of Wallace and the Fancy Car

Map location of the Fancy Car and Wallace standing next to it to get his photo taken.

To make friends with Furdo Wallace thinks he needs a photo that tells a story. To do this he wants the player to snap a picture of him exuding charm next to a fancy car. The fancy car he speaks of is located south of where you spoke to Wallace. Go to the marked location on your map and take out your camera. Frame both Wallace and the Fancy Car in display and snap a photo when it has two targets found.

Show Wallace the Photo You Took

After you snap the photo of Wallace go up and speak to him. Wallace will tell you about the history of the Fancy that he like the photo. He also says that you should show the photo to the judge named Furdo at the Alexandra Plaza so he can make friends with him.

Convince Furdo to be Wallace’s Friend

Take the photo and head to the front of the Administrative District Shop. At this location you will find Furdo standing nearby. Speak to Furdo and say “Wallace wants to be friends with you” when prompted. Show the judge the photo and then learn the bad news that Furdo is not interested in being friends with Wallace due to his suspicious behavior.

Tell Wallace the Bad News

Once you’ve spoken to Furdo make your way back to Wallace who is back at the Everwinter Monument. Speak to him there and tell him that “Furdo doesn’t want to be your friend…” Explain to him what Furdo said to finish up this questline.

The reward for completing the Out of Thin Air Furdo Version is 5,000 Credits and 200 points towards the Daily Training Activity. You also unlock further Out of Thin Air versions that may trigger on future days.

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